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enlav thanks for the thoughts. i think that there is a ray area between hardware stores and making tools from stones and lashing thrum to rocks. for decades our society has been disposing perfectly good, working materials , tools and machines. When i see something that is a usefully tool , material or fixable machine i grab them.

as for storage and corrosion there are bottom plows out in the field that haven’t been pulled in decades, their rusty but their trusty…

so, as for the original post. i have the ability to make electricity, and do so with minimal infrustructure. i can not make gas, i can make bio fuels. however, this requires the waste oil to begin with, not great to depend on.

electric motors only need to be mounted and to spin. gas/diesel engines need all sorts of various parts to make them function.

when making a choice i’ll allways take electric over gas. and the biggest inverters. even inverters are becoming discarded as inferior. keep up with the jones mentality.

or try the local small engine repair. ill bet there is a stack of old genets with bad motors and good electronics, (free).

hunter and gather. yup. all the stuff that people see no value to because it doesn’t operate via an i app.

cheers g