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My father was Mcmac Indian & Scottish from Canadas east coast, while my mother’s side was from the Apalachan’s in the USA. Both grew up without the “benifits” of the grid & during a time when power lines were still being installed to those “less fortunate” areas.

Together, my folks raised 11 kids on an orchard property in Caledonia, Ontario, Canada, where I was born in 1960, and none of us grew up knowing a life ‘without’ electricity. But we were in a different era then, which seen us “outside” for almost all of our activities & rarely would any of us be in the home watching TV or the like. If we kids were inside, for whatever reasons, boardgames, books & one another were our only alternative options of entertainment. It wasn’t until we kids aged & became educated, that our addictions to this drug called “the grid” became an concern.

Speaking for a lot of “my generation” here, we were “schooled” (fooled) to beleive in conformation & acceptance towards these addictions. That they were “the norm” & to do without them would deny us our very basic neccesities, as well as cause us to be “lesser than” those with them.

I grew up seeing this with my own eyes, in a public school system which promoted segragation & predudice towards the native children in it, through it’s teaching all of us to beleive this way of life wasn’t “good” or “acceptable” in this day & age.

Several of my native friends back then not only lived without electricity & indoor plumbing, but were quite content & happy “not knowing” about it’s benifits! I remember my thinking from back then, that they were the “poorer people” of my time, which I heard so much about in school. How wrong I was!

It’s taken me “a long while” to re-educate myself, but I don’t have that same amount of time left in front of me, to work on it & put it into practice.

I still have a lot of issues with predudices as well as reliance on the grid drug, but I’m still working towards correcting them.

By teaching the next generation through our actions now of making these attempts, cleaning up the air, recycling, etc… we might be able to re-educate them too, from the same bullshit taught to us, and slowly set this place straight. Back on track.