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Caverdude, thank you for adding those links, I have not seen them before, lots of cool info, especially from the minimalintentions. If one looks through that guy’s experience, sees that a geo dome can be built for cheap, but sure, not easy from scrap rescued from different places. So I guess it’s more about the level of each one of us can afford. For instance, I work as a tile installer, but I actually do more than that, for a management of rental apartments in GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Besides my construction skills, I also have electrical and electronics skills, as well as plumbing and mostly everything that needs to be done in a house. I can easily work as a handyman in a small community so I can generate some income. Besides my construction skills, I come from a family of beekeepers (back home in Romania, my father still has bees at 74 years old). With 50 hives I can make between 25-50 thousand a year which is a lot if I live OTG. So to me, living OTG means generating enough power to suit my needs. I will get PV, wind and hydro if possible, a little of everything to get to the power needs I will have. So yeah, even if the aquaponics need to have a pump running 30 minutes and wait another 30 minutes, I will take that into consideration when I’ll size up my power needs. It’s just like a refrigerator, but with less power. I will try to find a way to replace the electric pump with a water powered pump for instance, if I will be able to find a land with a creek. The creek will turn a water mill which in turn will turn an axle connected to a water pump. If this will be possible, i will have to use the siphons to drain the grow beds, since the water will be pumped into them constantly. Another method is to use a closed system with a battery that runs the water pump, charged by solar panel and a small wind mill. This setup works well for the half on/half off system. So yeah, if you want it, you can find ways to do it. The food you can grow this way is going to cover the expenses quickly. I’ll come back soon with more info about the pumps, how powerful they need to be and how much energy they need. I just need to double check first, so I don’t say stupid things.