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Home Forums General Discussion anyone know of cheap plots in Ireland? Re: anyone know of cheap plots in Ireland?


Hi David, I don’t know if it still exists in Ireland but on the continent, going local is the way. Through the internet I found several plots for sale and first contacted the mayor of whatever little speck the hamlet may be.

Often the land that was for sale didn’t meet the requirements but the mayor usually knows if anything else is for sale and often at a much better price.

That’s how I stumbled across the place I recently bought in a rural community.

The mayor went out of his way to help me find something suitable. Plus I’ve avoided real estate agent’s fees this way as well.

Do you already know which area you want to go to?

Hope you find something by checking a local paper. Then contact the townhall (often run from the kitchen of the farmer who is mayor this period) and perhaps he/she’ll know more.

Keep us posted will you?