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Off grid community? I would think an off-grid housing development might be a better plan. As a seller of land a person can force certain restrictions on it. I know of 4 people who invested in land together to save $$$ per acre. Later they will survey and divide the land up. They can agree to restrictions just prior to subdivision and even have it in writing I guess. These 4 are not off grid, at least not completely. I have heard that it is better to begin on grid and work your way off grid. I would think that it might be difficult to keep people with given skills sets around at all times. It might be like running a corporation for a given type of business where the corp would have to hire individuals with given skill sets to keep things rolling.

Here’s and idea, Mass partnership land purchase with incorporation and later subdivision with restrictions. Manage it as a LLC corporation. There is such a housing development at Taos New Mexico, they are restricted to building only true earth ships with tires. They have a visitor center which I intend to visit some day.