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Start or join an OTG community is a frequently seen thread topic. What many people do not seem to recognize is the reliance on established industry to manufacture all the tools necessary for these communities to exist.

Doesn’t matter if it is solar panels, a wind turbine or a steel plowblade or good axe head. All of these products are the result of industrial development. Most of them are manufactured in distant places. Therefore you will have to rely on an intricate transportation network to deliver it to your homestead. The reality is some, possibly many, small existing communities far removed from big urban centers already have the desirable traits so often listed as being a requirements for an OTG community. In addition they quite often have some essential elements such as a link to existing transportation networks be it road or rail, internet connectivity and basic services needed by just about everyone. Some basic consumer services such as a place to buy necessities like toilet paper or fix the flat tire on your go anywhere 4X4 are often overlooked until you need them.

Very small towns or villages may in fact offer an ideal place to go to start living off grid. Such a location offer proximity to a transportation network like roads or railroad affordable real estate and existing housing.

The recent economic downturn means real estate values have likely dropped and existing land owners are glad to sell. If the village is large enough it may have a retail place that sells necessities like milk soap and toilet paper.

AS you adjust and develop your own ability to DYI you can stop using those services provided by the outside society. Taxes or rent will in most cases be far less than whaqt you pay on bigger urban centers. Semi rural properties are likely to allow keeping some livestock even if its only chickens for fresh eggs. You will find the attitude of small town residents to be more open and friendly than what you might find in the big citie.

Because they are further removed from big urban city conveniences they are more likely to have a DIY attitude. Growing your own food in a garden patch is often the norm not an exception. This kind of environment is very conducive to a gradual transition to off grid livijng.

When you reach a point of being able to generate your own power you simply stop using grid power. Then you are off the grid.