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Home Forums General Discussion Air Conditioning and Off-grid : a possible solution? Re: Air Conditioning and Off-grid : a possible solution?


GMonroe: did I miss it or did you say where you live? Whats the climate there? rainfall? summer heat levels? humidity levels? Average sunshine? Wind? How much money do you have? do you have cash or will the money have to be borrowed from a bank for construction? I assume that a/c in your area is far more important than heat throughout the year?

Insulation and thermal barrier keep the cold in and the heat out. Ground will cool obviously down to ground temperatures. Thermal mass will keep the inside at a more constant temperature. If cost is the concern then what should also be a concern is the volume of space that needs to be cooled in cubic feet.

One almost needs layers and zones with differing comfort levels. Your main living zone will be the most well designed and probably most expensive such as a den(living room) and possibly a master bedroom. For example if its just you and your wife stay in the cool rooms and let the others warm up. If you have guest then turn up the a/c in those other rooms and spend a little more until they are gone. You can design all you want and still its going to be difficult to get away from taking what you would have otherwise given to a utility month by month and investing that in construction instead up front.