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TreasureGift, Im not trying to spam. I was just looking at forums that I thought mentioning the project would be relevent. I wasnt just posting it on every post.

The project is not mine I just maintain the website. That’s what has goten me interested in the whole off the grid thing.

So with that said. I have never been to the BIOHOME. Thats why I was curious about what others thought. It is kinda like monolithic homes but they are still dependent on mostly on grid elec. Because there look is supposed to be more modern. Where the BIOHOME has the bubble windows all over it that let the sun and moon light light your home. There are other difference’s too.

Again I wasnt tryin to spam just let people know about another option. Like the person looking for a pre fab “green” house. Just thought mentioning a home they could build themselves would be an alternative. Either way its all good. I know you gotta watch out for spammers. They annouy me too.