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I do not know why some folks seem to think DC is a disadvantage.

In reality, you run one or two sets of monger welding cables to your power-sucker devices and the rest of it is really of very little concern…or much different in cost. Certainly a LOT cheaper than a huge, perfect sine wave inverter would be.

IMO, 12 volt, because of the availability of low cost devices, is not a disadvantage at all.

Taking the inverter out of the mix…along with the heat and built-in dependability issues it adds, just does not seem like a disadvantage. Quite the opposite actually.

In a 600 SQ FT cabin, to me, a 23 inch TV would be just fine…and there are a ton out there that either have a 12 volt input or are very easy to modify inside to run on 10-14 volts.

I bought a Emerson from WalMart for my truck and ran it on a 300 watt Cobra inverter. It used next to nothing and the inverter ran the DVD player, the TV and the dish network box without any issues.

Using one of the computer prologic aplified speaker systems for the surround sound would be a great way to go, since they run on 12 volt from a wal wart. (At least the Cambridge systems all did)

your question is huge and there is not enough info to answer it, but I hope I have tossed in a few tidbits of value