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Can you make an actual list of your stuff?

For my own setup, it is not logical to try to run the audio/video system from DC.

But it is pretty high-end stuff that is quite power hungry.

I am going with a dual system, but I have pretty much decided to run the generator while doing laundry and watching a movie/playing my cherished vinyl.

Lights, Computer, water pump, small TV, cell phone, router and microwave boosters are all going to be available 24/7 and will be DC.

Thus far, I can run all of this for three days on three fully charged Wal mart special 115AH 160reserve wet cell marine batteries before dipping below 12.5 volts. The only thing I have not actually run was the water pump…but I did a load simulation with a flood light whenever we turned on the faucet to make up for it. (This seemed to use a lot more than I thought BTW…a shower will be a generator startup and top-off event in our earthship.)

The DC fridge vs propane is a question thus far unanswered. Up front costs are more for the panels and batts to go the solar route and I have not sharpened a pencil to see if the lack of a propane bill would offset this investment yet.

I think before you make the decision to go big AC, you need to list what your gear is. How big is the TV you will have?

Audio gear?

Have you looked at the fridge setups out there? If you get one “normal” sized, they are ungodly expensive…like 5 grand…but a small apartment or RV sized unit gets more affordable.

Lights too. elnav is not joking about people adding “just a little something extra” to a circuit that carried a moderate load for ten years without incident and then that little added load made smoke and fire…knowing what the amperage requirements are is everything.


Anyone who is going to wire a cabin “home brew” should read and fully understand this page.

To avoid a fire…besides not running a wire where it will chafe or damage the insulation and short out…this is the most important thing to comprehend when dealing with DC.

Car amplifiers or water pumps or computers…dc load and fusing is all the same and this page breaks it down very well.