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@elnav – Thanks for the advice, and yes, I was being slightly factitious with regard to our “simple luxuries”. I like my luxuries. I do plan on redoing my power calculation, since I’ve not really sat down and done much calculating as of yet. Hence my question… AC or DC? ;)

It seems though from the answers above, that AC would be the way to go with such large power needs. Which simply means more money upfront, which I don’t mind, as long as I know I have the appropriate amount of power for our off-grid luxury.

My question was more about which was more feasible, buying DC appliances where possible, or would the cost of DC be prohibitive over an AC system and regular appliances.

Is it possible to have both? AC and DC? (and no, you are correct, I’m not an electrical engineer)

If these seem like basic questions to some more experienced people, I will apologize for asking stupid questions.