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I assume you are using solar panels, how about leaving them hooked up and leaving a couple of CFLs on all the time to help work the batteries? Maybe you could get some 12V lights (CFLs) so you do not have to use the inverter, just make sure you have a GOOD charge controller, I use 12 volt deep cycle batteries, I don’t know how you have your 6 volt batteries wired (12 volt, 24 volt???).

Is your neighbor out there is able to check on them on a regular basis, maybe once a month or so? I don’t know if it would be any more risky than unhooking your batteries and letting them sit. I’m not saying this IS the answer, you should consult with someone who KNOWS for sure about this sort of thing, this is just a suggestion, I live full time off grid, so we don’t have to worry about being gone for long periods of time. Good luck!

I think your other option would be to take your battery bank with you when you leave and keep a float charge on them, then take them with you when you return.

As far as things corroding, there are products that you can spray or wipe on the exposed terminals and such to keep the corrosion down to a minimum, even petroleum jelly would work in a pinch. You just need to keep the moisture and air away from the parts that can corrode.


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