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Home Forums General Discussion A rough Guide to how much land it would take to feed a family of four Re: A rough Guide to how much land it would take to feed a family of four


A common and relevant question is how much money does it take.

Never mind that such a question will differ widely depending on the location of the questioner and the answer will depend on the experience and background of whoever answers.

In a similar manner the question of how do we go off-grid probably has as many answers as there are readers of the forum.

I went off-grid when I was 21 and bought a boat to live on. Hardly suitable advice to someone living mid continent.

Living off the land sounds good unless you happen to try it in the desert.

In some countries unlicenced hunting is very illegal as is owning firearms.

I’m not saying such advice is useless but it is very impractical in some places.

Outlining how to plant a variety of crops needs to consider the growing climate I would love to grow oil producing plants for bio diesel fuel production. Unfortunately such plants will not tolerate the deep frosts and short 4 – 5 month growing season that we have.

Going solar sounds great until you realize we only have 1.9 hours of insolation in winter when we need solar the most. It works great for someone down south but not here. Regions with lots of cloudy weather will be similarly affected. Yes they get some power froma solar panel but not enough to deliver on the promises based on full rated output.