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Home Forums General Discussion A rough Guide to how much land it would take to feed a family of four Re: A rough Guide to how much land it would take to feed a family of four


elnav, you strike me as a forthright, no nonsense person. And really when it comes to the topics at hand it is no joke. This living off grid seems to be more than a notion. I am truly a neophyte to the concept, have beau coup to learn. That’s why I am here.

Reboot2009 said something that caught my eye and made me go, “Hmmm” – “This may sound harsh but remember there is a reason (or two, or three) that a person is off grid, and it’s not because it’s becoming a vogue thing to do. And it’s certainly not as easy as one, two, three your off grid. It is much deeper than that.”

I know my husband would love nothing more than to simply disappear and be left the heck alone. It seems much of what we are trying to do to take possession of our land is being blocked by “codes” which wind up costing us thousands upon thousands of dollars for things we can do for ourselves; i.e., they state we have to pay a “pro”fessional mover to place our home onto our land whereas hubby has a source he can barter with to get the job done. The more obstacles we run into the more he is becoming agitated with “the system” and I don’t blame him. It’s like “they” do all in their power to not let people live and feed their families.

I want to thank you knowledgeable people for sharing with those like us.