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You are looking in the wrong places. I’m a power system designer who migrated over from electronics. If you want examples to look at go find and dismantle a computer. All the drives and USB ports have molex type pin connectors on mother board. Pin spacing is 0.1 inch and the connectors for such peripherals like fans are polarized since the fans must have correct polarity power to work properly.

These pins will carry a couple of amps. Look also at the power plugs on drives.

This style of pin will carry 5 – 10 amps. Better grade of electronics whole salers do offer hand crimpers for those style of crimp pins. I have one with exchangable tips for doing a variety of styles. Industrial supply stores do sell loose pins in bags in smaller quantities. Often used by field techs doing repairs in the field.

USB plugs offer a decent type of polarized plug good for 4 amps if the wire will carry it. Smaller size is the polarized molex but hard to find to scrounge or salvage unless you have experience doing component level board work. You will need solder wick and a micro tip pencil solder iron to do that kind of work.