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chowan- all really good points. in reguards to the other discusion. if laundry and washing comforters is a priority her project won’t be a dyi.

i just upgraded from my old car batteries in a cooler with a die hard 750 inverter. when i did i removed the transfer switch from the generator. in hind site if i do have a gear problem im in the poops for h20. there is also a catalog company called all vans ? something vans the sell stuff to equip vans and trucks for contractors. some good deals on inverters. one caution on 12v systems. not sine wave. watch your recharable tools and computers. ipods and pda stuff are all ready 12v/120.

i built a 12v systm that i pluged into the trailer lighting harness used to charge while driving(had to commute 45mi each way daily. thats what i used before i even got my first 15w pannel..

good points chowan- nice to hear other perspectives.