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Home Forums General Discussion 12 volt is the best off grid choice Re: 12 volt is the best off grid choice


yep i did something similar with my trailer.

This is what i used to get set up ut here before i had my solar

and wind set up.

in regards to washing machines depending on the size of course many can be run from even cheap non sine inverters ive been doing that for years but they

do suck the stuffing out of battery banks.a better choice i think is to run a backup generator wash day and top up batteries at the same time.

its also possible with some older simpler washing machines to convert over to

12 volts if you ever wanted to but it will still be an energy hog.

another idea i had and pursued it a little way was using my big wind turbine

as a direct mechanical power source which would be able to drive a washing machine and other tools in good wind conditions

This is what I want to get re setup in this area.

basically i want a big multipurpose wind engine that when not used for other

purposes can be charging batteries as well.

possibly used as part of a village/community resource