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[before_listing images= youtube=null] Salutations! My wife and I are optimistically searching for an off-grid community. We are 25 and 28 respectively, without children. Neither of us have any medical conditions. We want to find like-minded individuals that are willing to teach us skills that will facilitate self-sufficient living. We want to thrive, not simply survive. We recognize and appreciate that people generally ascribe to differing ideologies that can put them at cross-purposes. However, we would make every effort to reach a mutual understanding and create a better life for everyone involved. We would prefer to remain in the west/northwest. I have lived in Idaho, Utah, and Washington and feel that I could live in any of these state or neighboring states with similar climates. We would also be amenable to warmer climates as well, so long as it is in the western portion of the U.S. We both have strong work ethics and are excited to learn new skills. Currently, we are attempting to build up our funds to finance this endeavor. While it would be nice to purchase our own land and begin this on our own, we are currently looking to join a community that already has much of the infrastructure in place, i.e. water, food production, sewage, etc. To successfully achieve independence from the system we believe that it must be a group effort. We want to create or be a part of a true permaculture. Some skills that we have developed to a moderate degree are: hunting, gardening, cooking, welding, concrete work, and are of negotiation. If we sound like a couple that would fit into your community please contact us at [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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