Hi Landbuddies!

I’m James, and I’m building up towards a permanent off-grid living situation, I’m 31, and about to sell my flat, so will have capital to put behind a project. I’ve worked in community engagement, cross cultural education and volunteer projects around the world for the last decade, so have a broad skill base but certainly am not experienced in permaculture or off grid living as such. I’m motivated to live off-grid as a way of living the sustainability that our earth needs for it to sustain the messy beautiful world of humanity, and to create an environment where those ideals can be shared with others.

I have a more concrete vision for where I’d like to get eventually, but in the short term, I’m more interested in supporting or participating in projects that enable me to learn and contribute at the same time. If you’ve got some plans and might need some support please get in touch!

If I had the skills, the community and finance to do anything, it’d be some combination of:

  • Forest Gardening (with shades of rewilding)
  • Community Engagement
  • Buddhist Retreat
  • Sustainable 3D printing 

The above list is aspirational not necessarily realistic, but you gotta dream right!

Oh, and I’m also a musician, so if you don’t enjoy music being around, I’m probably no help :)



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3 Responses to “Forest Gardens, Off Grid Living and Community”

  1. Dovely

    James love you post! I just put one up that you might want to read or pass on to a friend if you would be so kind. The title is Wanted Homesteading, Off Gridding, Sustainable Living Partner
    Best of luck

    • James

      Hi Angelina Gianna :)
      Thanks so much for your message, your post is great too! Good luck with finding a team for what sounds like an amazing opportunity, unfortunately I’m looking to be based in the UK so can’t help much, but if I hear of anyone who might fit your bill I’ll certainly direct them to your post! Hope the sale goes through and your living off the land before too long!

    • fishingwives2020

      Hi dovely, my wife and I sent you an email this morning about your wanting to set up something in So Colorado. We’re looking to take our family off grid