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[before_listing id=279 images= youtube=null] Currently on grid but planning to move off….most likely somewhere on the high plains. Currently experimenting with earth shelter and shipping containers. Current location has good wind and solar resource. Visit[landbuddy_listing id=279 youtube=null]

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3 Responses to “Fischer, Texas”

  1. Baja

    I am Cabinonabluff. No longer in Fischer, but back home in the midwest. Suburbia. Such is life. It’s easy to grow here. This is our first winter back here and it has been very mild so far..not normal by any means. Got berry bushes (strawberry and blueberry) in last fall. Apple trees too. We should have fruit this summer. Also going to grow a lot of veggies. Soil is good, rainfall very reliable here. Your concerns about soils north of SA are well founded. I think rain is a bigger issue. I raised beds and was able to grow as long as it rained, but if I had to irrigate there simply wasn’t enough water. My new site is

  2. KV

    Voltkernok, wondering if you did it? Cabinonabluff doesn’t seem to be around anymore. We are looking into it. Same area but maybe west of SA. I grew up in Boerne and it’s beautiful but EXPENSIVE and tough to grow stuff because it’s rocky. Like to pick brains of other people with similar ideas, not literally either zombie nerds.

  3. Voltkernok

    Sounds very interesting, and your blog, “cabinonabluff” was very informative, and inspiring. I’m a 20 year-old college student looking to go off rid when I’m older, preferably North San Antonio, (beautiful hills and trees reminds me of wimberly)

    At the moment I’m looking for land, nothing too big, hell, I’d be fine with .5 of an acre, though I don’t see that going cheap in the area I want it in. Any ideas?

    And I used to live near your area, it’s very nice out there.