[before_listing images= youtube=null] My wife and I have been seriously studying the OTG lifestyle, and we’re ready to start making serious plans to move forward. Our understanding so far is that the first thing you should do is buy the land, even if you’re not ready to develop it at the moment to allow ample time for permits and such.

The problem is we have no experience in purchasing any sort of property. We’re fairly young, and have no idea how to even find the land we want. Google seems to be useless, with mostly ‘luxury lots’ showing up, while other lots are far too close to civilization for comfort- we want to be as far away from the conventional American life as possible.

Do we contact a realtor? Or just start getting out there and looking? We’re not looking to join a community, but we would appreciate a few tips here and there. Any advice would be great. We’re hoping to stay on the east coast, possibly getting as far away as WV or MD (we’re in NC at the moment), so we can stay relatively close to family.

We’re looking for one acre, more or less (more of course if the price is right) and we’d like undeveloped land. If anybody knows where we can find some good resources (and I’m sure you do) we’d love to know about them. Thanks! [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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