[before_listing id=342 images= youtube=null] Hi! I will be starting my search for a place to live off the grid. I bought my van and will start my journey this late spring/early summer. I am interested in suggestions for inexpensive land, your experiences in ‘vanning’, and someone who would like to be a pen pal. I do have some skills – carpentry, simple electrical connections, kinda mechanical, horse training (and equine massage), nursing and herbal therapy, gardening, and vet tech – other stuff too. My chronological age is 55 but my spirit is much younger and I’m financially self sufficient. learned calmness, gratitude and the importance of being a good steward. Hoping to hear something soon, info is always appreciated! Tx [landbuddy_listing id=342 youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Finally starting!”

  1. Becca


    I’m just became interested in off the grid living and was hoping I could get some advice on how to make this a reality for me and my children.

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Karl

    I see you listed cheap property in WV. I am in the Ohio area, not to far from the WV border. If you could supply more info. on Cheap land, that would be great. Maybe the higher, the better…lol

  3. Ken

    Have 160acres, plan to get started with living healthy and off the grid on a full time basis…a like-minded partner would be an asset…let me know if you would like to share info, opt_7@hotmail.com

  4. Veronica

    Thank you, all for your responses! Wow, ask and you will receive. I am interested in your ideas and contacts. I am fighting an inner ear infection right now, so I will write more later as well . At least I have a good excuse for being a “dizzy broad”. ; – }

  5. miked

    Anyone else interested in partnering up to help share costs and responsibilities for living off the grid please email!!!!

  6. miked

    Hey, CYCLEPUTZER I am currently talking to two others that are looking to get off grid. One of them is ‘vanning’ and looking for places. We are all trying to purchase some land so we can get off grid together. Please contact me at lazellama@gmail.com if you’re interested.


    10 Acres with spring and creek. Need help with prep and survival.

  8. Larry

    Hey, West Virginia has land at very reasonable prices and low taxes. If your interested I can give you a number to call here in central Wv. Mountain State Land and Title they have many properties that are great for living off the grid..We got a super deal on our land from these guys.let me know..larry