it’s been about five years but I’m finally off grid and settled in for my first winter. Winter is the big challenge when your as far north as I am. Heating and snow removal are my biggest concerns.  My only neighbour is closing his cabin for the winter he is 4 km away. His place is for sale now if anyone is interested. We’re located in the boreal forest . It’s a great place for growing vegetables and hunting . Area is very safe no concerns here. I work in town two or three days a week which covers all expenses. I still have things to do like building a chicken coup and increasing my garden beds and garden for that matter. Have built a 20 x 30 greenhouse for tomatoes and cucumbers to sell along the highway. I also have a small shop / guest cabin started. I am doing all this alone but have a couple dogs one king Alaskan malamute and a Norwegian elkhound very good winter dogs. 

The wildlife in the area include Sandhills cranes which nest every year in the area. Moose, Carabou, Wolves, Marten, Lynx, also have Nighthawks that nest here. Lots of beaver, fox coyote and black bear.

There is some work in the area also lots of firewood can be cut and sold for 250 per cord. It’s a good area if you like the outdoors and find it tempting contact me



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