it’s been about five years but I’m finally off grid and settled in for my first winter. Winter is the big challenge when your as far north as I am. Heating and snow removal are my biggest concerns.  My only neighbour is closing his cabin for the winter he is 4 km away. His place is for sale now if anyone is interested. We’re located in the boreal forest . It’s a great place for growing vegetables and hunting . Area is very safe no concerns here. I work in town two or three days a week which covers all expenses. I still have things to do like building a chicken coup and increasing my garden beds and garden for that matter. Have built a 20 x 30 greenhouse for tomatoes and cucumbers to sell along the highway. I also have a small shop / guest cabin started. I am doing all this alone but have a couple dogs one king Alaskan malamute and a Norwegian elkhound very good winter dogs. 

The wildlife in the area include Sandhills cranes which nest every year in the area. Moose, Carabou, Wolves, Marten, Lynx, also have Nighthawks that nest here. Lots of beaver, fox coyote and black bear.

There is some work in the area also lots of firewood can be cut and sold for 250 per cord. It’s a good area if you like the outdoors and find it tempting contact me



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7 Responses to “Finally off grid”

  1. David

    Hello Russ,

    I just came across your post and I am very interested in what you are doing. I am from the States but I want to apply for a Canadian work visa with the hope of gleaning residency. I know that people from outside Canada can purchase property so if you know of a cabin that’s for sale please let me know.
    I’m looking for a cabin on a small patch of land where I can grow and forage for food. Also, it would be great to have a well, spring or stream to collect water. I’d be fine without electricity(I love candlelight). All I need are the bare-bone necessities.
    Helping you out on your property piques my interest. If you think any of what I just wrote may work please get in touch.
    Kind regards,

  2. Sandesh Pawar

    is this still open? my situation is complicated but im 100% committed to wherever i end up. i have a lot of health problems that will make things slow on my end in the beginning, but eventually i’ll pull my own weight and make up for stuff.

  3. littlea7


    You seem to have everything put together and I am extremely inspired. I am currently attending UBC Vancouver and have been brought up in a very academic and corporate setting. I have always prided myself in the passion of learning. However, I feel as though I have misdirected my learning. I feel as though I belong away from the corporate world and would be much happier contributing to a much quieter and simpler life. I am currently looking for a mentor who can teach me the skills required to live that sort of life and with those skills, be able to offer whatever services I can. If you are interested, please email me at

  4. Przemyslaw

    Hello mate.
    I’m looking to go off grid not only to get away from the city but to learn new thing. Especially in the Wildlife. I’m 23 years old, fit, able to work hard and a fast learner. Currently working as a Machine operator (Cutting Threadbars) hard work but pay my bills, moved out to UK when i was 11 born in Poland. I really would like to try live there but not able to buy a property there.

    Thanks for your time

  5. ian

    very interested in joining you,
    please contact me ,
    thank you

  6. Mr.King

    I am very serious about going off grid, i love to cut wood, so that wont be a problem, i have some experiance in that, definatly my type of area, love the forest. Please reply soon i hate living in the city and can barley stand it anymore. Contact me and we will exchange more info.

  7. Russ chase

    Hi Dave I’m in Canada so if your a U.S. Citizen it would be very difficult with work and staying long term. You would also not be eligible to lease any land. I should have stated in my post that I’m in Canada

    Regards Russ

  8. dave etls

    morning?just read your post, interesting. I have always wanted to be in Alaska but circumstaces prevented this until now .I giving this vey serious thought,just need some direction whats my first move ? whats the work situation /how do I make cash to live I’m all in on this ,just need to know whats the best move thanks much hope to hear from you soon