[before_listing id=260 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/1ceb698b5486930e93a257a4ea68397e.jpg youtube=null] I’m a responsible, educated man looking to go off-grid. I have a small amount of money with which to buy land. I’m interested in finding others in a similar position who might be interested in buying land together (possibly abroad/europe as land is so expensive in the UK) and working cooperatively in a community setting (not a communal setting). Failing that, an opportunity to discuss ideas and possibilities for off-grid opportunities, increasing freedom, self-reliance or just getting out of wage slavery would also be welcome.[landbuddy_listing id=260 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/1ceb698b5486930e93a257a4ea68397e.jpg youtube=null]

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11 Responses to “Fed up with the rat race?”

  1. Ann

    Hi! I too, along with my husband and another friend, are tired of the rat-race and entrapment of utilities and the craziness of traditional employment. Our plan is to save up in the next few years to purchase land and build something by hand (we are all artists)…unless we find other like-minded intelligent, kind, genuine folks to share land with…making it affordable sooner. My husband grew up as a nomad in Tibet and spent half his life off the grid, so he has lots of experience/knowledge in this type of lifestyle.

  2. goldigger62

    Hullo Joe..good move ! Looks like we are the fore runners of a total social change in memes..:) surprises me how many are also movin off grid and onto their own lil heaven..hope for the human species yet. :) my neighbor is from Britain..got 18 acres for what i call cheap..I got the creek hahah..high ground..

  3. anyjay

    Joe I share your sentiments. I grew up on an off-the-grid farm, and only after deserting this life in search of development, sophistication and high society that I realised all we get is concrete, packaged food and ridiculous safety controls. I want to ensure my young family learn what real life is, rural self reliant. We’re going to Australia

  4. ezekiel

    Joe, I like the way you think since I’ve been through some of the same scenarios it seems. Would love to trade some thoughts and see what transpires next.
    BTW, I’ve been working towards this end for many years now. Only wish I were farther along the trail than I am but it will all come together at the right time, this I am sure of since it always has before ;o)

  5. Ethan Dean

    I am doing research now to buy as many acres as possible in the NW states, and planning on building a straw bale home and live totally off the grid. I’d love to find like minded people and maybe we could buy a larger piece of land. Thanks

  6. Ezra

    Use Facebook to find the people that would be ideal in committing to that life. There are a lot.

  7. Joe

    Decades of hard work, three degrees including a doctorate and I’ve found myself. Now to make it happen.
    I want a rural, remote property to raise my family. Free of the envy and hourly back stabbing.
    I would like to trade thoughts as well as positive insights. Let’s learn to live like humans and not some tax paying donkey.

  8. ECO

    Hi, I have land available in Bulgaria, you can email me with classifieds -> land for sale in Bulgaria.

  9. Shayna

    We live in the south west USA, New Mexico.
    I can’t take the cold weather anymore and with whats coming down the pike I can’t fathom living in a cold place!!

  10. lessermsytery


    I’m about to put an offer on 20 acres of land with a two bedroom solar power cabin in Northern Ontario. I am looking to start an intentional community based on sustainable organic farming and animal husbandry. I am proposing a land in exchange for skills labor situation, so the people who develop this community will own a piece of it. Since I’m a newbie as well, I’d welcom discussion and ideas. Perhaps you can picture yourself living in a rough hewn northern ontario paradise?

    • Owen

      i am a qualified engineer, but more than that, i can fix or build anything from just about any material at hand. I am looking for somewhere to live off grid, preferably in a community of like minded individuals. I would love to do this