06When I first saw this, I wondered how interesting this might be, then I watched the video, I’m blown away, so is PB, he was even impressed, and that’s no easy task.


Jola and Justin have converted a truck into a real fantasy castle, I like the castle appearance, but what I like even more are the innovations they incorporated into this home on wheels. When they are moving from place to place, their home is compact, legal to drive, then when they get to their destination, their home unfolds like an origami castle, with rooms that fold out and up.


There are a seemingly unending source of cubby-holes that appear and vanish with the push of your hand, some with automatic lighting that comes on and goes off as you open and close it. I love their kitchen, I love all the reclaimed wood they used.


Watch and enjoy!




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4 Responses to “Fantasy castle on wheels”

  1. Gerald

    That was amazing….but at the same time you have to have money to afford something like this…very interesting to watch though…but for me living off grid means living off the land and your surroundings having very little money…and lots of patients…lee200932@gmail.com

  2. Scott

    Michael you might take a look here as there are lots of tiny houses and ideas for living off grid. I’m still enjoying looking at what people have done.


  3. michael e hawkins

    they sould show how to afford these kind of houses.and what web page to go as well. thank you.

  4. MaineMan

    This guy is a genius. The house is amazing. I bet that baby is going to have an interesting childhood.