We are a family of 5 looking to set up off-grid. We need lots of advice and help to get set up as we have 3 young kids. Wales is somewhere we are looking to start our new life. We are Vegetarian/Vegan so we won’t need to worry about livestock. A community is also a desirable asset to have for support and healthy wellbeing. We are learning as much as we can about how to off-grid in our spare time but it’s harder when you have VERY young children to support.

– Anyone know how to find land? (In Wales)

-How do we plan to find or even build a small home for our young children?

– We have very little money so finances are limited. How much will we need to save?

– We also don’t drive which could halt our plans. (We plan to learn to drive when we can).

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2 Responses to “Family wanting a new life in Wales”

  1. Naomi

    Hey have you had much luck in finding help with this we are a family for 5 in the exact same position if you have started your journey and have found a community or want to get in tough and try to start one please drop me a message x good luck x

  2. James


    If you are looking for a low cost building method take a look at this book it is very useful and has lot of the stuff planners would want to know. Also, check out this video as he has some useful information on setting up in the UK.