We are a family with 4 children aged 13, 9,7 & 3 who have just purchased a 5 hectare quinta with its own stream flowing through it on which we have plans to make a vegetarian family community. We have already put in a 120m bore to provide us with plenty of pure drinking water. The stream provides us with water for growing all the food we require and we have a tractor to plough the fields. presently we are starting to renovate the old stone building to build a community kitchen. We envisage people living in Yurts around the main building , ours has just arrived so we will be building that soon. We have plans for chicken for eggs and goats for milk and a donkey or horse for the children to ride. We are looking to live a simple life as close to nature as we can, in tune with the seasons and our environment. If this is the sort of life you are looking for please get in contact with us. 

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16 Responses to “Family starting Community”

  1. Landyn Louis

    We are a family of four looking to be a part of a community! Looking to be somewhere within the next few weeks! Please let me know if anything is still available! Thanks!

  2. Denise

    Hiya, are you still looking for members to join your community?

  3. Nicbar1984

    I am very, very interested in your post and offer. Are you still seeking folk?

    I bring strength, some construction experience, an eagerness to learn more about self-sufficient living, I have extensive experience of working with children, and I believe myself to be a good neighbor.

  4. Bobbie Lord

    Please email me to talk when possible

  5. gordy.begood

    Hi Da Paz. I’m Gordy and I’m really desperate to join a homesteading community. I’m a 22 yr old single guy who is a quick learner and what I lack in skills, I make up for eagerness. I have not responsibilities to anyone other than myself and if you would have me join me family, I will be forever grateful. You can contact me on @gfehi25@gmail.com
    I also have an Instagram with the same handle as my handle here. My full name is Gordwyn. Pls get in touch with me. 🤞🏿

  6. Ligia Pereira

    Hi there , I have been trying to send the form , but for some reason it is not accepting me .

    I’m a 36 year old single mother of a 7 year old girl and a cat. And It would be a dream come true to live a self sustainable life away from the city madness.
    Please contact me.
    Many thanks

  7. Byron Dale

    Looking to join a community in Colorado. San Luis Valley preferred.

  8. Amanda J Lindsley McPherson

    We are interested in joining an off grid community ASAP. Please email me aback.

  9. Violet

    Hi there,

    Me and my partner are looking to move off grid in Portugal, he is a carpenter and has many year building experience. I am learning the art of tattooing whilst also working as a styling. We have been wanting to live off grid for years before we found each other and Portugal was on our list of places to explore this idea. We also envisaged having yurts and running it s a sort of business as a way to generate some income. We would love to have animals and make a more simple life connected to nature.
    If you are interested in talking more please email,

    • Christie

      Hi we are a family of 5 wishing to go off grid! Or have you found enough people now. Kind regards Christie

  10. Tatenda Rutsate

    Hey! how much will it cost if I wanted to live there?

  11. lovepeacejoy0

    Diana please email me. I’d like to speak about creating a community. reneerender28@gmail.com

  12. Da Paz

    Hello to all Off Griders, Would just like to say that the family community we are starting is in Portugal. Location has not been updated to the map as of yet. But if you wish to relocate to Portugal and join us please feel free to contact us. Many thanks

    • Denise

      Hiya, we are a couple who are very interested in living off grid and join a community in Portugal.
      Are you still looking for people to join your community?
      We look forward for your kind response.


  13. Diana Dickerson

    Hi, I’m Diana!
    I am 25 years old and my dreams are as big as yours. I frequently talk to others about this dream but get scoffed at for wanting to go off the grid. I am an army veteran, the army taught me skills in electrical work which I may be able to bring those skills to a community. I’d love to chat more!