[before_listing id=299 images= youtube=null] We are family of 5 dreaming of one day living off the grid. We have 3 children 6 and under and we want them to grow up with fresh air and understanding the value of the world around us. We believe that sustainability means being green but also living a life that you can afford (financially, emotional and spiritually) and we want to achieve our dreams without compromising on our family and our happiness.

We currently own a 1700 sq ft townhouse and while our home isn’t very ‘green’ we do what we can with recycling, worm-composting in our kitchen, eating a local vegetarian diet and making the best choices we know how to.

Our dream is to find a piece of property and build our dream green home for our family. We’d love any advice or help you might be able to offer us along the way![landbuddy_listing id=299 youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Family of 5, looking for property to go off-grid”

  1. Karen

    I know your post was a few years ago, but I’m curious if you were successful finding something, and if you might have tips/guidance for those still looking for something similar.

  2. Selfsufficientinnature

    Likeminded people wanted for self sufficient life on organic wilderness farm in BC, Canada

    Hi there,

    I just saw your ad on the internet and want to present what we are looking for and what we have to offer:

    My wife and I live with our kids (9 and 13) and animals (sheep, chicken, geese, horses, dogs, llamas etc.) almost self sufficient and home schooling on a big ranch and organic farm on a huge lake with pure drinking water in Central BC, Canada.

    Our fertile land is almost 3,000 feet (900 meters) high and located circa 150 miles (240 km inland) from the Pacific Ocean in the west. We are protected from west winds coming from the Pacific and Japan by the Coast Mountains (up to 13,186 ft or 4,019 metres high). Our Geiger Counter that we use daily since Fukushima, shows still 14-15 counts per minute of normal natural radioactivity. The Coast Mountains seem to direct pollution from acid rain to radioactivity, coming from the west, over our heads inland towards the Rockies in the east. Big cities, industries, active volcanos, fault lines and earthquake zones are far away. Our big gardens, increasingly based on permaculture, as well as the abundance of fish in the lake, wildlife, berries, mushrooms and plants in the surrounding wilderness (Crown Land), provide a reliable, organic food source.

    We are well accessible on two different roads, by boat and small aircraft (our airstrip is 2,000 feet or 600 metres long).

    Self sustainable life in harmony with nature is our daily practice for many years and our safe haven is finally in place after 15 years of work. One of the new projects on the ranch that attracts us with our backgrounds in science and business is a Seminar- and Research Centre for holistic health.

    We are looking for some like minded people, ideally with children and important skills, who want to live and prepare with us on the ranch during these tough times and maybe want to live here longer no matter what really happens. People, who can also tolerate, that we do not go to any church but found “our church” in nature.

    If you are interested, please respond by email to Selfsufficientinnature@gmx.com and tell us a bit about your situation, skills and plans.

    Thank you!

  3. stbramwell

    Hello! Our family has been looking also in the Okanagan for a Community Farm opportunity, and recently visited a wonderful 40-acre Heritage farm owned by Paul up above Grindrod BC in the area known as Grandview Flats. About halfway between Salmon Arm and Enderby, Paul has been planting the roots of a community cooperative for many years and is welcoming of help and participation at many levels. We may not be able to move our family up there until the Spring of 2017, but I wanted to let you know that Paul would welcome a visit or phone call to answer your questions.
    Contact me if you would like Paul’s number. Thanks!
    scott (at) growthcycle.org

  4. sheris

    Hello fellow family,
    I love the idea of going off grid and I also love the idea of sharing it with another family. Like you we have a small family, but 4, and would love to be in the woods but having kids close enough to play and explore together. We are US citizens but alway dreamed of living in Canada. I have however herd it is expensive to move there and that has stopped us in the past. I have been going to school herbal medicine on and off the past couple to yrs and my hubby is a archeologist. We struggle with his work because its hard to find work in winters and its unpredictable hours. We talk about living in the woods and me growing herbs and making medicine and he is an excellent potter as well as worker in the outdoors. I currently homeschool and we are traveling in or RV. I would love to know if your still interested and if you know of how we could live in Canada being US citizens. Mabye we could do it part time like half the year and help out with homeschooling, medicine, pots, etc.

  5. ark

    If any of this has been in any stage of development please contact me also, I have been looking towards retiring to such a situation, we are a couple Her… .practical nurse, Me… trades….more looking for larger treed property..and may be able to help another finance…

  6. Karen

    I live in the vernon area and am looking at seriously making a change. I am a cook by trade, artsy by nature and have many skills to contribute to this kind of lifestyle. I look forward to hearing from you. Karen

  7. Andy

    If interested in off grid living, please email.
    We have 4 lots and or can build cabins.

  8. Meike Glaser

    Hi there! Although your posting is almost a year old, I thought I’d give it a shot writing you – are you still looking for property?
    We are a family with 1 little boy (so far) wanting to get off the grid, too. We are seeking community and connection to the land.
    We have spent all summer looking for the right property in the Okanagan and we think we have found it! A beautiful farm with plenty of water in an existing off-grid community big enough for several families to live on self sufficiently.
    Now we are looking for like-minded people to buy it with us as tenants in common.
    Contact me if you would like to know more!
    meikeglaser (at) gmail.com