[before_listing id=299 images= youtube=null] We are family of 5 dreaming of one day living off the grid. We have 3 children 6 and under and we want them to grow up with fresh air and understanding the value of the world around us. We believe that sustainability means being green but also living a life that you can afford (financially, emotional and spiritually) and we want to achieve our dreams without compromising on our family and our happiness.

We currently own a 1700 sq ft townhouse and while our home isn’t very ‘green’ we do what we can with recycling, worm-composting in our kitchen, eating a local vegetarian diet and making the best choices we know how to.

Our dream is to find a piece of property and build our dream green home for our family. We’d love any advice or help you might be able to offer us along the way![landbuddy_listing id=299 youtube=null]

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