Hello, My Wife and I have been looking for someone that either has a lot of land (minimum 10 acres) in Virginia that has been seriously considering going off-grid but just don’t have the knowledge or inspiration or maybe both to do it.

We’ve been researching techniques of living without things through the harshest of elements for years.

We are Conspiracy theorists (Not the tinfoil hat type though LOL 🤣) DRUG, ALCOHOL & CIGARETTE FREE and VEGAN

We have wanted to live off the grid for many years even years before my wife and I met each other (Which total is over 20 years now)

I have several folders on our eBay account for Off the Grid purchases and much literature and videos on our computers about off the grid stuff that we’ve been learning with and more stuff that we so badly want to share and live the life of.

We have 2 boys 1 girl and 6 cats, we know what their futures can be if we stay dependent on the grid and want out (I do need the internet though as I do online sales with eBay and Amazon, etc. We have several sources of income and more to talk about but wish to talk in person to anyone that wants to join us and are close to our area 😄

We strongly believe in homeschooling as well

I believe we have a whole lot to contribute to the knowledge of our future to knowing how to be constructive and innovative. (I think that made sense)

I know a lot about construction and can be a very big help to anyone that wants to live off-grid and has the money to make it happen but just don’t have the skills.

We have a van and a 4×8 box trailer to haul materials to do maintenance on buildings and property as well as haul our music equipment as we are musically talented and would love to use our talents to spread harmony amongst the community. and we have a motorhome that I wish to turn into a mobile recording studio too 🤗

Also, we use our van and trailer to haul our flea market stuff but I myself want to convert our van into a mini motorhome 😄

I have electronic and electrical experience and I know how to wire up a solar grid and wind power or whatever is needed too.

I have some welding experience as well.

I have been in the construction environment since I was 5 when my grandpa put my first paintbrush in my hand… I am 44 now 45 on November 13th

I know Computers and Programming as well as computer graphics and music and video editing and all sorts of stuff like that.

I am a Jack of all trades I have a green thumb as well and believe in all herbal remedies and no modern medicine as it is nothing but a brainwashing scheme.

We want to help teach our children and others who are like us and want to live amongst like-minded people.

If you would please give us the chance to tell you more of our hopes dreams and plans, please email me and I will give you my phone number so we can talk in person and would love to even have our family with yours to have a vegan dinner one together. I’ll make vegan pizzas and we’ll drink almond milk 🤗

Anyways, I hope you would consider us to become a valuable asset to your dream of becoming a community deep away from civilization to become out of sight, out of mind and will contact us very soon as we are in distress and am very eager to get away from the clutches of the machine.

Shine on you Crazy Diamonds… See you On The Dark Side Of the Moon.

Much Love, Brooke, Jay & the babes 🤗

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3 Responses to “Family of 11 (6 are the cats) looking for some place to go off grid”

  1. John Diamond

    Read your post and would love to talk more with you! My wife and I are established off grid (albeit perhaps a bit fledgling!) for two years now. I would love to share ideas and thoughts, at a minimum, and if the vibe works for all involved, who knows, we may be able to join forces. We currently inhabit 12.5 acres near Farmville, VA – just through the woods from you.

    Please hit me back. Would love to chat even if further arrangements don’t work out.

  2. Off Grid Freedom

    I recently read your post, and was wondering if you are open to other states besides VA? I can feel your authentic vibe and heartfelt distress/frustrations with modern society, and the desire to go off grid with the family. I do not see an email given in your post, so I am replying in hopes to perhaps talk further, to see if we can somehow align in helping each other out. I do see strong independent people doing it alone, but can also imagine the obvious length of time in achieving something like this vs as a group effort. That is, if one can find people to equally trust and have each other’s back through life. I have seen a young woman in Alaska, doing off grid completely alone and building her house with her own 2 hands with very simple materials. I only shake my head, as this world is so full of people, yet individuals have found nobody worth relying on, to help them. To me that is sad, unthinkable, and unacceptable. People with similar hearts, need to come together and help support one another, to make this world a better place. Enough of this narcissism and self-absorption/self-indulgence within the narcissism of society, that has lead to the rich vs poor and breech of our basic rights and freedoms via government/legal/corporate America.

  3. Voldane

    We have 20 acres and a home with some rooms empty. While we are on grid at the moment that will not always be the case. We would like to chat but your post has no email address. ours is a yahoo email and you will need to add it to this
    to email us. We will share our phone number so we can chat and we can see if we have a possible situation that would benefit all of us. We need help gardening, building greenhouses etc. Voldane

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