Hi all, We are looking for people who would like to start an off-grid community in Canada, Ontario. We have the funds to buy our gear, equipment, supplies, tools, etc, but we are short on funds to buy the land. We have come up with an idea for joint ownership of the land and joint members can come and go as they please with no fear of losing their spot. Also, the joint ownership can be passed on to your children, next of kin, or even to another individual(s) of your choosing. We have plans for solar panels, natural water extraction technologies, green house gardening, and other self sufficient implementations. If interested please reply to this post or leave your email.

Jon M.

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14 Responses to “Family looking for others to start an off-grid community”

  1. Danno

    Hello I would love to join your community, as I have been looking to find someone I can connect with on the same wavelength as me..please mail me what a newcomer should know. Thanks in advance????

  2. brad

    I have the place and it is almost paid for. I am near Aubrey falls which is south of Chapleau northeast of sault ste.marie…ready for spring

  3. ryan robichaud

    Ha! Old man… sounds like tbcivilian is pretty hardcore isn’t he? Well I like him. So armed to the teeth in case of post marshal law invasion eh? Sounds like a frontier to a revolution. AK47’s though sounds like a ruckus getting ahold of that kind of gear. Not to mention the trouble it would bring if it were found out while Canada were still at peace. Serious jailtime! But there’s nothing wrong with choppin’ a few trees into long bows, something I watched a few webinars on how to do proffessionally. If it’s true you don’t have a plan or a peice of land, well I’m your guy! I don’t have a peice of land but, I do have a plan. A hellova plan. A plan built over 3 years. Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested in a Dick Proennecke/Bear Grylls/Happy People experience, and I’ll explain to you why “buying” land is a waste of money and time for a prepper. Ruggedroofing777@gmail.com

  4. an old man

    In response to tbcivilian’s derogatory comments:
    I am not a troll. I am a 64 year old intelligent man.
    Jonathan Mack (tbcivilan) obviously felt jilted when I questioned him on his preparedness and proposed methods and has become indignant.
    He has good intentions but absolutely no idea how to go about it. Read his replies…he is welcoming a woman , her fiance and 2 children to join,(housing in exchange for work) but he hasn’t even got land, any solid plans (only wanna be ideas), In emails to me he has made comments that the group will require to armed with automatic weapons for defence and suggested well prepared and stocked people like myself will be jackpot goldmines for people like him to attack and reap my spoils. I propsed 3 scenarios to him that would require off grid living requirements. They ranged from solar flare EMP, to economic collapse resulting in Marshall Law, and last a solar event causing Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and floods. He feels because he has survived in the bush…that he has the insite and knowledge to survive…maybe so..but in NO WAY to ever be the LEADER of any group that intends to truly live and survive off grid by his means and methods. The knowledge just is not there. He cannot stop responding when wished the best and told he is on his own and I do not wish to share my knowledge with him. Govern yourself accordingly.

  5. tbcivilian@yahoo.ca

    tbcivilian here, hello everyone. The poster named “An Old Man” is actually an internet troll. We’ve been exchanging emails and he has been very rude and is still attempting to harass me. I’ve tagged him as “spam” on my yahoo and he’s still sending me emails, but I will no longer waste my time with him by reading his irrational and badgering replies. Also, I have notified the site owner to remove him from this land post (not from the site). He will attempt to dissuade you from interacting with me and will most likely make false claims about me as well. This person is most likely not an old man and is probably just a kid or even a teen. Reply to him at your own risk!

  6. Andrew Clark

    Hello, we are a family of 7 with 5.36 wooded acres. We are looking for like-minded people to help us build on and homestead the land. There are no building restrictions. Please email us at aclarktech@gmail.com for more details. Thanks!

  7. cory

    I’m looking to go off the grid I am a master hydroponic builder and grower and can build anything for anything.

  8. An Old Man

    Hi guys and gals, plan sounds good. I just looked at a listing for 40 acres for $10,000 in un-organized Northern area near Timmins. This is the type of land you need. TBCivilian you will need to weed out the eager beavers, free loaders,experienced, criminals etc from all who apply to you. Off the Grid Community will only work with a pre-planned and re-structured community mixed with professionals, labourers, tradesmen, etc. otherwise you will have a disorganized band of good intentioned people who will eventually fight and disintegrate the community. How much thought have you really put into what you are saying? You state you have the “plans” for a lot of things …solar etc.. How many have you ever built before ? You may wind up a mass of starving campers in the bush . Don’t get me wrong , I’m interested in doing the same thing, it just sounds a bit vague ans simply put by yourself. I welcome your reply.

  9. mark

    hello mark here would like to now more about your plan.thanks

  10. tworivers

    Where were you thinking of land ? My wife and I are here in BC . We have start money for land but not all so this would be good depending on where.

  11. tbcivilian

    Hi Jenny, you and your family would be very welcomed to join our off-grid community. Send me an email at tbcivilian@Yahoo.ca

  12. Jenny

    Looking for housing in exchange for hard work…myself, fiancee, and 2 kids aged 5 & 11 looking for off grid living

  13. garrett

    I am living in Ontario im only 18 but me and my friend sawyer who is 19 really want to do this i know where young but where really mature and work hard email me garrettnicholson@gmail.com

  14. Marsane

    We have been living off grid for 9yrs. And, looking for potential fellow preppers. Land and homes already paid for and built here in S.Colorado,U.S.