Hello my name is Angela. My family and I (myself, my husband, our toddler and we have two dogs) are looking to be in the western side of the country (prefer Colorado, New Mexico, Texas but open for more just send me a message).

What we ultimately are looking for is to be somewhere for a while and somewhere where we agree with people. We have a different view of many things! We are a God fearing and loving family. Who you call Jesus is actually Yeshuah and God is Yahweh. So immediately we do see things different but that is because we have done much research due to our government not being trustworthy. We do not believe in the chip or the vaccine. If you do, i prefer to not join your commune because we will not be participating with that. Anyhow, we want to be with like minded people, we want to grow our own food, livestock, and maybe build a house but we have an RV we are living in. I am younger, my husband is almost 50. Two dogs under 1 year (yes i am super busy!) And we want to be able to build a self sustaining society. If you think you can handle our crazy family (generally we stay to ourselves but i love walking and i would love another woman to go walk with if there is another there) my husband would be the one doing any kind of work that is needed along with going out for a job so we can continue having money for what we need. My rambling may have been out there but hopefully you’ll understand! 

What we are not looking for is swingers. We are a strict stay to our family and do not accept cheating, real drugs (we strongly know that marijuana is not a drug but those others don’t fly by us) and if you have your own business and want my husband, who is a Jack of all trades, to work for you/with you he will! But he won’t deal with being yelled at. That is our current issue where we are. The boss does not want to stop yelling at him instead of teaching him the trade. Enough about me, tell me about you and ask questions if i made no sense here. Thanks!

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18 Responses to “Family looking for offgrid or homestead”

  1. Perry Gregory

    Are you still looking if so send me e-mail

  2. Gianfranco

    We are an older couple who live in the U.K. but we have a homestead in S.Italy 1.5km to a village.
    We have two houses and a barn on 7ha plot. You could have one house (at present off the grid) and keep farming or teach English on line or look for work in the area. Write to marilynandgianfranco@hotmail.com for more info, or tell a friend

  3. Gianfranco

    We are an older couple living in the U.K. with our daughter.
    We have a 7 ha homestead in Souther Italy, 1.5km to a village and 5.5km to the hiway. We are looking for clean people who can keep grass cut around two houses and a barn. You could use one house (at the moment off the grid) and the barn, keep farming or teach English on line or look for work in the area.
    Write to marilynandgianfranco@hotmail.com or pass it to a friend. You could come for a visit and if you like it you could stay for long term. We are not looking for short term holidaymakers

  4. Tonya

    My name is Tonya and we have a two fold plan. My husband and I are devout Christians looking for a few other devout Christian families to share our land with. We currently have 30 aces in New England but plan to sell it to buy in KY. We do not know anyone there and I picked this state for several reasons. We plan to buy between 50-100 acres once we sell our current house. The property in KY we actually want 4-7 families. We will be starting from scratch to build the farm so we only want families who are willing to work to build it. This means husbands, wives, and children. Everyone will have to do their fair share. I must say, I was taken a little back by Angela’s post as it appears she is putting all of the burdens on her husband and not looking for any for herself. This is not the type of families we are looking for. There are no free rides.

    We are looking for people who will to SHARE in the labors and the blessings. Depending on the amount of acres we buy, we would be willing provide each family between 2-5 acres for heir own homes to be built, and the rest belongs to the entire community. You would not own the land but as long as you follow the rules of the community (which are bible based), you can live there forever. We will be building a working farm. The farm would provide the food we need. I also do have a business in which everyone can work in and can be paid. However, the farm will be the main focus. You would also be able to make extra money, although we are not looking for families whose main purpose is to make money. We are looking for families who want come OUT of the world and LIVE true and biblical Christian lives with us.

    We are not looking for “good people” we are looking for people who want to be RIGHTEOUS in GODS eyes, not our own. We want to provide a place to allow us ALL to become RIGHTEOUS, including my husband and I. We do not care where you come from, we only care where you want to go.

    With all of that being said, we would like to find a family to come and stay on our current property and help us get it ready for sale. My husband works outside the home so it leaves him very little time so getting help for us both would be great. Any family who comes now will get first pick for their plot in KY. Yes, we do want that family to come with us to KY. My husband and I have been married for over 24 years, we do not have children but LOVE them, so we gladly WELCOME children of all ages, the more the better. :D

    If this is the life you are looking for please contact me and we can talk more details.

    • Shanna

      Are you still looking?

      • Tonya

        Hi Shanna,
        This email is pretty late, but I just found your response, if it was for me?

        If you are still interested to talk more, please respond. We are actually planning to have the house up for sale by the first week of June and buy land in or around KY still. We are still looking for families who want to join us.

  5. JIMS

    Hey Angela, it was refreshing to read your post. My name is JD and my family consist of me 37, my wife 34, and our kids 4 and 2. We are definitely God fearing and currently look to run from the direction society is trying to “forcefully” push us in. We are weirdos cause we don’t believe in vaccines, chips etc. We are looking for like minded people to go off grid and build up a community of like minded people. There is so much to say but i would rather know if you guys are interested in chatting via zoom or something to see if our households click. Let me know.

    P.S. A wise man sees the evil coming and hides himself. Yahweh bless you.

    • Renee

      I am also a follower of YAH! Like you all I am looking for a community who share the same beliefs. I am a team player and honor and respect others. Please let me know if you all find or have a community. Toda Raba to you all!

  6. Roselyn

    HALLELUYAH, We’re looking to go off the grid as well. Been searching for does of like minds, unfortunately so many are still asleep.

    • Sister Abagail

      Shalom Sister Roselyn!

      I agree with all of you, Angela and JIMS. We are to Watch, Pray and Persevere…and until YESHUA returns, Work towards building up HIS Kingdom as a Light in Dark Places, to make a difference in Life! I am working on hopefully having an off-Grid/Simi-Off-Grid Community but NEED Some electricity to start, so I can have phone and computer services for my Missionary work AND Holistic Nutritional Therapy Classes/Training/Research (Ben-Gurion University & USA College & online Research), FOR my Shabbat Service on Friday Night AND for My Torah Study Class on Saturday’s….. Are you a Messianic Jew, also? If so, Or if you are a Believer in YESHUA/JESUS who stands WITH and FOR Israel, please email me so I can we can talk. I sent Sister Angela a message, also. It would be nice to join with other believers and use my potential near future property for the GLORY of ELOHIM, B’Shem YESHUA! I hope to hear from you soon.

      With Mishpocha Ahavah in YESHUA HAMASHIACH,
      Sister Abagail

  7. Terrance L. Wilson

    Are you looking for leasing an acre of land to experience the Off grid living? How about a place near Huntsville TX?

  8. billybadazz65

    I’m billy and I have a 5 acre parcel in the Missouri Ozarks that I just bought and wanted to have someone around that I can conversate with and make a private place to live in peace. I can let you guys stay on my property and we can build a cabin and start a garden ect. I am a very nice and chill 55 year old single male no issues or drama going on here and I just want to make a self sustainable life as much as possible. I do have power on my property as well. if you are interested let me know my number is 2098185736 call or text me anytime billy

    • Leann

      Hi I’m seeking like minded people too I have no idea how to do this but I a not willing to continue with in a society that in my opinion has nothing good for me and moving faster that way I have a 3 year old and me but if you have a community going and just know where I please can start I would take any advice anything to drop everything and not look back

    • Joanne

      This guy Billy is one shady dude I want just to warn everybody beware of him

  9. Gen Agustsson

    i didn’t know much what homestead was but i do know a bit more about off grid! i do want to live off the grid but not homestead yet.