Hello my name is Angela. My family and I (myself, my husband, our toddler and we have two dogs) are looking to be in the western side of the country (prefer Colorado, New Mexico, Texas but open for more just send me a message).

What we ultimately are looking for is to be somewhere for a while and somewhere where we agree with people. We have a different view of many things! We are a God fearing and loving family. Who you call Jesus is actually Yeshuah and God is Yahweh. So immediately we do see things different but that is because we have done much research due to our government not being trustworthy. We do not believe in the chip or the vaccine. If you do, i prefer to not join your commune because we will not be participating with that. Anyhow, we want to be with like minded people, we want to grow our own food, livestock, and maybe build a house but we have an RV we are living in. I am younger, my husband is almost 50. Two dogs under 1 year (yes i am super busy!) And we want to be able to build a self sustaining society. If you think you can handle our crazy family (generally we stay to ourselves but i love walking and i would love another woman to go walk with if there is another there) my husband would be the one doing any kind of work that is needed along with going out for a job so we can continue having money for what we need. My rambling may have been out there but hopefully you’ll understand! 

What we are not looking for is swingers. We are a strict stay to our family and do not accept cheating, real drugs (we strongly know that marijuana is not a drug but those others don’t fly by us) and if you have your own business and want my husband, who is a Jack of all trades, to work for you/with you he will! But he won’t deal with being yelled at. That is our current issue where we are. The boss does not want to stop yelling at him instead of teaching him the trade. Enough about me, tell me about you and ask questions if i made no sense here. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Family looking for offgrid or homestead”

  1. Gen Agustsson

    i didn’t know much what homestead was but i do know a bit more about off grid! i do want to live off the grid but not homestead yet.