Young Urban family, with a 2 year old.

We have been fascinated with Kibbutz-type communities, and want to find others willing to join us. We are interested in staying in California, so we can commute to a job in the bay area OR close to the Seattle area, as we need to be in the tech industry. We are willing to have a longer commute to the peninsula too.

We want the freedom of off-the-grid living, but a realistic life close to our jobs (so we can support our debt).

I’m sure other families out there must be a in a similar position.

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3 Responses to “Family looking for friends to make Kibbutz-type community around Bay area”

  1. MDon240

    I’m interested in helping to establish your community. I have skill in aquaponics/hydroponics and know how to raise ducks. Professional mechanical designer, hydraulic engineer and agricultural developer by trade.
    I am currently personally looking to purchase land in Clearlake County for my own venture projects. I have a GoFundMe page backing it.
    Please contact me

  2. BWillis


    No, we haven’t found any properties yet. We are still looking around. Have you found any properties?

  3. Caroline

    My husband and I are also in the bay area (Berkeley) and looking to move off the grid. We’re looking as far as perhaps Healdsburg. But like you, thinking about sticking closer to the bay. Have you found land you’re interested in?