Hi everyone, we are a family of 3, me (30), my wife (28) and our 2 year young son looking for opportunity to go away from concrete and greed that surrounds it. Looking for a place in Europe, preferably at the warmer end. I lived in Banbury,UK, for a year trying to pump up the business we started a year ago, and since this started my wife and kid was forced to move to my wifes parents (that is another country) and stay there for a year, because our situation hasn’t allowed us to live together because of the lack of money

.. so I lived completely alone for a year trying to build up the better life so they can come back and so we can live happy ever after, but everything went off, just a week ago, when i found out that the person i was renting the premises from had no right to rent it for me and so he was fired and i had two weeks to move out.. Now we don’t have anything left what so ever, i am still with no family of mine in a tiny room alone.. and this is the end for the rat race for me. I am a hard working person with spiritual values, vegan- most of the time, love nature and would always like to be around it, because this is our true home in the first place, I respect every living organism on this planet and do no harm to any, all in all we are all one and made from the same stuff, got to respect that. My passion is gardening and permaculture, especially permaculture food forest, i have a huge amount of ideas on self sufficient houses and life style, ready to build a cob house, replant corporate eroded lands with forest, get life back to nature, make it an Eden that it was again, live with the land of the land in cycle. I am looking for this opportunity to finally be with my family and so our kid would not have to experience all this babylonian type of existence, but truly grow up and live the life like it should be. We are looking for a sincere person/s with a peace of land that we could live on and pay back with our labour and fruit and veg that we would produce there in exchange, not a commercial scale.. and thats because our financial situation is still the same.. We will take care of the land as it would be ours. Looking for a like minded people to join if that would be an option, I can work with wood, land, make rain water collecting, i use holistic healing methods using plants, and loads more.
Looking forward to your replies.
Much appreciation. Thank you! Gee

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