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my family and i are looking to move off grid. we have two young children and want them to grow up “free”. living in williamsport pa now but are willing to relocate for an off grid community. my husband and i are both military vet and know what it’s like to rough it, he’s a forester now and I’m a outdoor rec manager. we’re just looking to enjoy life and share with like minded people. I’m also looking to start a community base home school once settled. I am not religious; i just want my children to be free thinkers; i don’t believe children are able to get that from public schools now days. open to any advice, suggestion or interested parties,[landbuddy_listing id=445 youtube=null]

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11 Responses to “Family Community”

  1. Elizabeth

    I have an acre up for grabs on Trout Run Pa 17771 if interested contact me please for details

  2. tazman

    I am living on 55 acres in Bradford county pa. I am looking to get a community of capable and willing individuals interested in off grid/ sustanable living started on the path towards achieving the goals of self reliance and dependence. My girlfriend and I are still young, capable and motivated, waiting to bring our children into a world of love and community. I also have friends that are planning to begin our adventure of simple living as soon as the summer of 2015. My email address is feel free to look me up on facebook as well, jerry ballard

  3. stadulevich

    Hello, im looking to get a small group together to buy and island near the equator, im from pittsburgh and this will be happening in the next 5 years. let me know if you have any interest

  4. DK

    I’ve had this dream since childhood. I am a current active duty military member and will be done late feb 2015. I’m just looking for opportunities when I am done. I’m an engineer and I am capable of building anything in any situation. I would like nothing better than to team up with like minded individuals and build a log cabin to live out of while maintaining goals of self sufficiency. I am in the middle of my divorce and it should be over by the time my contract is up. I am drama free. my ex and I are like minded in that our daughter is ours and nothing more, nothing less. All I want is to show my daughter my vision of how we are meant to live: off the land, simple and self sustained. If interested, email me back.

  5. livefreediehard23

    hello, i am a 28 year old from brooklyn ny. i am married with 3 kids all boys. my wife and i often have discussions about living off the grid and leaving the big city behind us. we are willing to team up and put our time, hard work and finances into a strong project. we are very open minded and down to earth , very friendly people that just want a peaceful and safe environment for our family to grow. if anyone feels the same, feel free to contact my wife and i @ or ( thanks)

  6. kat

    i am a 28 year old mother with 2 girls and a very handy man i am all the way convinced that the off the grid is just what we have been looking for for our family every other thing i look at going on in this world is making my faith in people lower and lower and i know there are better places for me to get my family back to being down to earth i can not convince my man that it is the best plan he is always talking about money and i would love not to have that problime in my life but he does not see a way for us to start out a life that way so if you have any things that i could tell him to make him open his eyes and stop being in fear over money this is my dream and i want him to be a part of it so any thing would help i want to be free and get back to what really maters helping others to help others is to help your self and i love helping so need help im in florence sc and need to git my family to do what i feel is right thanks much love to you all

  7. bijounk

    OH!!! OH OH OH!!! I missed the original post (got lost between the ads and map)! Oh my, you sound exactly like my husband and I. We aren’t religious or anything but we feel exactly the same way about the school system and I was good friends (before we moved) with a woman who home-schooled her two children who were the two happiest kids I’d ever seen. My first response was toward Cecil and the others, but if we all (those of us still interested) pooled together, oh my, that would be wonderful! In case I didn’t post it before, my email is and we don’t live too far away from Williamsport, Pa.

  8. bijounk

    This is fate. I never believed in fate until now, but if this isn’t it, then I don’t know what is.

    My husband and I have been planning and researching and planning and researching for years and years (ever since I was a teenager) how to live off grid. I am 26, he will be 31 this August, we’re flat broke and can’t see how we will ever be able to buy our own land but we are HARD working, very knowledgeable and kind people who have been looking for other like-minded people to start a “community” with. We don’t have children but really want to have one but can’t justify bringing a life into our current situation. We love animals (my husband worked at a farm as a second job until the gas prices rose too high) and he is a knowledgeable gardener. We are both very good carpenters, plumbers, he is good with electricity, I am good with computers, we both love being outside and we both love hard work that pays off, unlike the hard work we provide for “the man.” Your location is quite close to his parents (cincinnatus, ny) and if you are still interested, we would be happy to give you all of our hard work and what little money we have to start living off grid. We have experience with composting toilets (I built ours when we lived somewhere where we could have one), cabin building, tree-cutting, and a lot of other skills. If any of you who posted are still interested in living off grid, please let us know. We have the knowledge (and youth is still on our side) and the hard work, we just don’t have the means. We are very serious about this. I’m tired of planning, researching and dreaming, I need to start doing now before it’s too late!

    I also wanted to add that we both know a lot of first aid and are very good at handling crisis, should any arise. My husband has never had health insurance and I haven’t had it in MANY years, so we have done a LOT of things on our own. I have severe asthma, so I know a lot about herbal remedies and have been successful at keeping both of us out of the emergency room :)

  9. Brenda

    Loved this post as, since childhood, it’s been my dream to live up in the mountains and off the land. But I’m 51 now, and would never be able to survive on my own. Have nothing to offer but some financial resources and a willingness to learn and to work. As long as my dogs are welcome and it’s not in a location I do not want to live (like on a fault line) I am interested.

  10. sowehrd

    similar circumstances

  11. cecil s wilson

    i am a loving kind person who wishes to live off the grid i have worked hard my entire life and have nothing to show i have realy not much money but own my home which i would sell to get the supplyes needed to build a cumunity of fellow off the grid people i have seen a place that is in the woods that only has solar and wind power it was a beauitifull cabin self sustaining with wood heat but it was a hunting cabin and you could see a heard of elk that walked through the lower meadow in the misty morning the call of the wolfs that sound as close as to be beside you ,the smell of the moss in the morning the meadow of elk the wind in the trees that is were i long to be but i wish not to be alone but to share with others i have skills of many kind .i was a trapper ,a hunter,a mechanic,carpenter,a single father raised my kids from 1 year old .have worked over time and never took holidays and still am living from pay check to paycheck and i have many other skills to help if there is anyone else please coment on here lets all come together speak how you feel it will make your mind and heart feel better