We are a young couple, we are welcoming a third person in our family this summer. Our son should be here June 2016. We are very driven and hardworking. We do not work 9-5 jobs, my partner is in the entertainment industry (stunt double, parkour athlete, coach, actor) and we also paint, give seminars on a lot of different subjects. We are spiritual rather than religious but w respect and love anyone that follows their heart and is authentic to themselves and those around.

We have amazing visions and goals that we want to achieve but we do not want to do it by ourselves as we see the beauty in community and gathering with like minded people. My partner has a variety of tiny home/ Earthbag home designs mocked up and excel sheets with budgets and estimates. We are ready to start this dream, first thing is first.. Land! 

If you would want to talk, ask any questions or meet, don’t hesitate in contacting us!

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9 Responses to “Family of 3 with great plans to go off grid”

  1. Latoya

    We’re building an earthbag home that will be 100% off the grid too! We’re building in Ghana and are about 90% complete with our foundation.

    We are a family of 4 from the USA and from Ghana, building in the countryside. Join us in our adventure: http://www.facebook.com/earthbagghana

  2. Lawrence

    You people want cheap land. Land is still available in west Texas for $500 or less per acre…..abandoned farm
    land. And you can’t get more sunlight for solar power anywhere on the planet than what we get here in west Texas. But, to afford all the expensive hardware to develop a small solar-stead, you will have to work in the oil and gas exploration/production industry and have appropriate skill sets. We west Texans don’t like having
    freeloaders come in from other states and think they should draw on social welfare resources they don’t
    contribute to building.


    ol’ Lawrence

  3. Jodi4166

    I thought of a village.. I am not sure about that some have an occult vibe to me.. Some do not want you to have motor vehicles. That is what kind of freaks me out.

  4. Jodi Wright

    Have You check out Smile4u inc.com they have land dirt cheap. I am from Alliance,Oh

  5. devops

    Have you looked into ecovillages. Try ic.org. They have a search feature. It is quite handy.

  6. Sujan Swearingen

    This trend is growing in popularity. I am in Wisconsin but looking to move off grid A.S.A.P. I have some tools and parts and am working on it constantly.

  7. LivingAtma

    We are located in Tampa, FL

  8. Jodi4166

    I thought of you guys with a bundle on the way. I am not sure if you recieve my email. I found a piece of property with 2 tobacco sheds that look like log cabin homes they need work I kid you not. But it is in Nathalie,Va they want 27000 on Trulia.com.

  9. Bob

    What is your location now?