We are a young couple, we are welcoming a third person in our family this summer. Our son should be here June 2016. We are very driven and hardworking. We do not work 9-5 jobs, my partner is in the entertainment industry (stunt double, parkour athlete, coach, actor) and we also paint, give seminars on a lot of different subjects. We are spiritual rather than religious but w respect and love anyone that follows their heart and is authentic to themselves and those around.

We have amazing visions and goals that we want to achieve but we do not want to do it by ourselves as we see the beauty in community and gathering with like minded people. My partner has a variety of tiny home/ Earthbag home designs mocked up and excel sheets with budgets and estimates. We are ready to start this dream, first thing is first.. Land! 

If you would want to talk, ask any questions or meet, don’t hesitate in contacting us!

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