Hi, I am a registered nurse in central PA. I am looking for others interested in going off grid in a real way. Even if its just somebody to talk about it with who doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy! 

Also, I am currently working in home care and it occurred to me that a need for ongoing nursing care may be a real challenge for those living off grid. If this is your situation please contact me! 

I am experienced in solar systems, electric, plumbing, some carpentry, growing and preserving foods, some livestock, aquaponics, herbal and natural medicines, and computer/IT.

I’d love to meet some like minded people! Have a great day!


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  1. Laurie F

    Hi…would love to chat. We are easing our way into off grid living. (Husband is disabled), but moved out of state in order to afford 5 acres with home free and clear. Have chickens…checked into solar…too expensive at this point. We have a well and local plumber can put a hand pump on it. Feel free to email me @ inv4team@yahoo.com .

  2. BobbyKorona

    Hello enjoyed your post…. have my off grid fish “farm”, raising wild-caught Tilapia in a one acre natural pond. Located in East Central Florida, ideal weather for gardening all year. would be glade to talk about anything off grid. If anybody wants to test their off grid skills for a month or two, on raw land, contact me ….. Bob32175@aol.com …. have a grate day .. Bob .. :)


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