You’ve always wanted one Here’s what you need to buy the camper van of your dreams.

pink vw

To buy a vintage Volkswagen camper van online have a look at They sell all sorts of vans and motor homes and usually have a couple of VW campers. They also have good links. is another one. You can also leave a wanted note online specifying what you’re after.

The Association of British VW clubs can be useful, to find a club in your area, chat and ask questions on forums.

You can also try the Westfalia owners website and the VW camper website, they list VW events and have chat rooms too.

If you’re not sure and would like to know what it’s like to travel in a VW van, why not hire one for your next holiday? campers2go and Cornwall Campers hire done up vintage VW vans in the UK.

Links is another website with info and parts for sale

For vanagon users in the US

For VW tents and info

Cheap parts for all VW vans

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