[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am a lady who’s not quite a lady looking for an off-grid community/ family that is in need of work. I am hard working. I believe you work for what you want and all you need necessarily is what mother earth provides. I love meeting new energies and adventures.
I am loyal and believe do onto people as what you want done to you.

personality: open-minded young adult who’s a kid at heart. I enjoy time alone but can be talkative as well. I am nature bound and enjoy the sound of music, at varieties. I can also make my own.

I understand how screwed the system is and how we as people are capable of doing much more than what is provided. I am going to live life without money, not work that gives me money which I feed to banks, government, and corporations in order to sustain a dull life that revolves around them.

I crave an adventuring life at the age of 18. I wish to help other and give. spread love and peace one day at a time.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “F the system – I will work hard for the roof over my head, some food and genuine love”

  1. John Arizona

    Did you find what you are looking for? My son and me are looking to start or join and off grid community. Were Christians and looking for Christian friends to be neighbors with and help out. God bless!

  2. teaisallyouneed

    I am prepared for hard work, in fact i’m asking for it. My mind is open to new ideas and skills. I have zero limitations and nothing is holding me back from making this world better a day at a time. If your or anyone is interested, maybe even a buddy system message me nat_thamert@yahoo.com i’m trying to set out asap

  3. Natalie

    I created this post. My name is Natalie. I have zero limitations. I do not know everything but I am willing to learn. I am prepared to be prepared. I do currently stay in Auburn, Wa but am very willfully able to move around. If anyone has any and ideas/ motives/ just wants to chat email me at nat_thamert@yahoo.com

  4. Carl

    Work on even a small farm is hard and will only get worse when SHTF. How prepared are you? Do you have any limitations? Are you willing to learn new skills?

  5. Nik

    There’s lots to do near the Midlands if you’re able to get to here?

  6. IKnowHowYouFeel

    I know how you feel. I would love to have the chance to get to know ya. When would you like to set out ?