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We are ddesigners, and have friends who are also interested to live off the grid.[landbuddy_listing id=250 youtube=null]

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13 Responses to “Experienced Couple”

  1. Samantha

    Hi there my husband and I and our 3 kiddos are planning this crazy homesteading, off grid style of life for the very near future. I just happened to stumble across this page and I would love to connect with others in the my area. I’m from stockdale but all areas around here like belleville trenton Peterborough kingston etc would be great. Seriously though I’d love to get other people’s ideas and opinions and learn what you know already as this decision is not new but we’re now finally starting to put things into action…. soo lots of research haha. Anyways I’m totally rambling if you’d like to touch base you can find me on Facebook samantha lebell …. please no bs lol I’m trying to escape the drama ?

  2. Martha

    I am near Toronto, and researching heavily about moving off grid. Would prefer a group effort! Are there people still interested these days? Meet and greet?

    • Nicholas Fournie

      Hi Martha, Im in Toronto and in the same boat. Still looking to connect?

  3. ssmcivilian

    I am currently seeking others that wish to live a life that is off grid and outside of the system. That means no electricity at all! Ignore Lawrence for he is an idiot.

  4. Dmitri

    We will have a meeting in spring 2012 for people from the Peterborough area to connect and see how we can help each other. We are planing to go off-grid in a few years but wouldn’t want to do it alone. We’re looking for a community to make life easier and more fun.

  5. Canadian KId

    We are presently building an off grid, passive solar retirement home in Bancroft, Ontario. We have cleared the land and our builder will start construction the middle of August. We have lived in a 30 ft trailer powered by 3 solar panels for the past 9 months. Check out our blog page for additional information.

  6. Jane

    Hi, wondering how it’s going with your plans?
    We are close to Coboconk and want to also get as off grid as possible.

  7. Don

    Lawrence don’t be a hater, they didn’t try to ‘sell’ anything. Not sure why they say experienced though – maybe you guys have a cottage there? And will gradually convert? I’ve been in the Beverly area and it’s beautiful cottage country.

  8. Don

    Solar kits are catered to usage. Lower your usage by getting more efficient stuff! 6kw is NOT a good starting point for off grid – it’s an ending point from on grid ;). All types of efficient stuff available to buy appliance wise now, just kick the dryer out of the picture and spec shop power usage. You’ll find you can drop down to 2 kw with some research.

  9. Rod Borghese

    I had a 6 KW solar panel system priced here in Ottawa, Ontario. $47,000. For that price I’ll stay on the grid and reduce my consumption. With the lack of sunlight and all the snow we get up here, there won’t any offgrid-living for a while. If I only I could convert all this snow into energy.

  10. rustyfingers

    I have 100 acres just north of you. If you’re interested, let me know.

  11. elnav

    What is your design specialty. Archetectural ? civil services? sanitation? water? HVAC?

  12. Lawrence Rayburn

    Good luck! You’ve got NOTHING to sell to anyone. You claim to be experienced, but I don’t see you applying solar power. In addition to
    solar PV panels (which don’t do well at your high latitude), I don’t see solar steam concentrators using ammonia as the medium. I don’t expertise in how to build a wood burning steam driven dynamo.

    Are you going to go cold turkey…completely off the electrical grid…without 12 volt DC LED lights
    and appliances? Go completely rustic ala 1860?

    Just saying you are planning a self sustaining community doesn’t get the job done. You and your ‘friends’ better have plenty of MONEY and a PLAN that’s not pie in the sky.