[before_listing images= youtube=null] We are seeking individuals in the greater Los Angles area that appreciate an off grid community that is free from one particular orientation. We are realistic about what could happen during a collapse or natural disaster and want to have a pre established community. We are setting goals to be completely self sustained, organic and realistic about what could happen in breakdown of some sort. At the present our group is actively seeking land to purchase in areas above Ojai or somewhere northwest of LA. Many members are out of Ventura County but that does not matter if you can participate. We are NOT looking for radical militant, extreme religious, polyamoris or raw vegan’s types that believe they can feed everyone that might show up at the gate. We ARE seeking good family oriented people that want to have a place to go on the weekends and enjoy outdoor activities, want to show their children how to live off the land, ride horses, motorbikes, shoot, etc. They should see the value of a unique homestead where that they could retreat there in the event of a civil unrest/ catastrophe of some type. They should bring some skills or at least a strong work ethic and are accepting of others. Families with the skills most closely matching the initial required skills will receive substantial amount of their infrastructures paid for by the founder. These initial lots and housing infrastructures will be limited to the first 5-10 families. After that, new members will be required to make a more realistic investment to expand solar power infrastructures & water distribution. Our facilities will have aquaponics and a completely organic garden, farm animals including chickens, goats, pigs and cows. If this sounds interesting we hope to hear from you. We don’t need money, we need good people.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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35 Responses to “Establishing Unique Off Grid Community – So Cal”

  1. Marina Bredda

    Hi, are you still organizing your off grid community? I am looking into going off grid but have no experience of solar etc,. I have a horse and dog and am looking for a place to set up home. I can do most things, building with wood or metal, have substantial tools and skills to go with them. I also have a friend who is an electrician who would be willing to help out where needed. As a single female safety is paramount and a community arrangement would suit me down to the ground :)

  2. Midnightred

    This sounds like the perfect thing for me and my boyfriend. We have been saving to go off-grid for a while now and are now in a place that we would like to join a community where we can learn more about how to run one. I am a reclamations artist and I have been working in the past few years on how to turn my art into functioning pieces that will do more then one thing. I work in stained glass and make jewelry too. My partner is a jack of all trade and does a lot of online promotional work. We currently have a cat and are both animal lovers. We are both gardeners and love to cook. If this project is still active, we would be willing to invest time and money to learn from you. Please contact me at 760-819-2879

  3. Karma

    Wondering if you are still putting this community together? I would be very interested in being involved

  4. Ande

    Looking for a place to call home away from it all. 34 yr old male. Ex military with many skills. Security, carpentry, botany and survival skills. Ty

  5. Tina Copen

    I was your add here and would like to know where you are on this project and if you are still looking for others to be involved ? my husband and I are 52 and 62 years old and are looking to be involved in an off grid community . we are a good moral and ethical couple looking to help and be helped to achieve this lifestyle of simple and healthy living . money is not our strong point. as we have had major medical issues in the last 5 years .we have years of experience and a willingness to contribute to offer . if this is something that you are interested in please e-mail me back .
    thank you
    Tina Copen


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