[before_listing images= youtube=null] We are seeking individuals in the greater Los Angles area that appreciate an off grid community that is free from one particular orientation. We are realistic about what could happen during a collapse or natural disaster and want to have a pre established community. We are setting goals to be completely self sustained, organic and realistic about what could happen in breakdown of some sort. At the present our group is actively seeking land to purchase in areas above Ojai or somewhere northwest of LA. Many members are out of Ventura County but that does not matter if you can participate. We are NOT looking for radical militant, extreme religious, polyamoris or raw vegan’s types that believe they can feed everyone that might show up at the gate. We ARE seeking good family oriented people that want to have a place to go on the weekends and enjoy outdoor activities, want to show their children how to live off the land, ride horses, motorbikes, shoot, etc. They should see the value of a unique homestead where that they could retreat there in the event of a civil unrest/ catastrophe of some type. They should bring some skills or at least a strong work ethic and are accepting of others. Families with the skills most closely matching the initial required skills will receive substantial amount of their infrastructures paid for by the founder. These initial lots and housing infrastructures will be limited to the first 5-10 families. After that, new members will be required to make a more realistic investment to expand solar power infrastructures & water distribution. Our facilities will have aquaponics and a completely organic garden, farm animals including chickens, goats, pigs and cows. If this sounds interesting we hope to hear from you. We don’t need money, we need good people.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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38 Responses to “Establishing Unique Off Grid Community – So Cal”

  1. Jonathan Pelanne

    Did this end up going anywhere? I live in Ventura and am interested in a place like the one you envision. Might be a good idea to create a Facebook page for this endeavor if it is ‘still alive’.

  2. Aantazy

    Are you still active? We are in Santa Monica. Have been here for years! But that’s changing fast. Write me or text me … aantazy@icloud.com or anewroyalfamily@gmail.com or text me at3109367708
    Thanks karen

  3. MDon240

    I’m interested in helping to establish this off grid community with my aquaponics/hydroponics and duck raising skills. Please contact me

  4. Ashley and Zachary

    hi me and my boyfriend are looking for a farm to go to. we want to work and be settled in a community were we can learn and practice. we are young both 20yrs and have been traveling the last 11 months finding a true place for us to connect back with nature and ourselves please email or call anytime skillerzoey@yahoo.com, 970075470 thank you

  5. Marina Bredda

    Hi, are you still organizing your off grid community? I am looking into going off grid but have no experience of solar etc,. I have a horse and dog and am looking for a place to set up home. I can do most things, building with wood or metal, have substantial tools and skills to go with them. I also have a friend who is an electrician who would be willing to help out where needed. As a single female safety is paramount and a community arrangement would suit me down to the ground :)

  6. Midnightred

    This sounds like the perfect thing for me and my boyfriend. We have been saving to go off-grid for a while now and are now in a place that we would like to join a community where we can learn more about how to run one. I am a reclamations artist and I have been working in the past few years on how to turn my art into functioning pieces that will do more then one thing. I work in stained glass and make jewelry too. My partner is a jack of all trade and does a lot of online promotional work. We currently have a cat and are both animal lovers. We are both gardeners and love to cook. If this project is still active, we would be willing to invest time and money to learn from you. Please contact me at 760-819-2879

  7. Karma

    Wondering if you are still putting this community together? I would be very interested in being involved

  8. Ande

    Looking for a place to call home away from it all. 34 yr old male. Ex military with many skills. Security, carpentry, botany and survival skills. Ty

  9. Tina Copen

    I was your add here and would like to know where you are on this project and if you are still looking for others to be involved ? my husband and I are 52 and 62 years old and are looking to be involved in an off grid community . we are a good moral and ethical couple looking to help and be helped to achieve this lifestyle of simple and healthy living . money is not our strong point. as we have had major medical issues in the last 5 years .we have years of experience and a willingness to contribute to offer . if this is something that you are interested in please e-mail me back .
    thank you
    Tina Copen

  10. Carolina

    Hello openbookguy,
    I am a 35yr old single mother of an 18yr old daughter who will be starting college this August in Arcata, CA and I also have another daughter who is 17yrs old that is on her last year of high school. As for myself, I’m currently not working but I am enrolled in an online course for my associates degree in Business management and if situation allows, I will continue with my bachelor’s degree. I have live in the city all my life but after reading, researching, scrutinizing, different aspects of today’s society, financial resources… About the harsh chemicals placed in our produce, legumes, meats…, as well as the situations that are unfolding in our beloved country. Staying in the city is no longer an option for me and my daughters. Having served in the military and passed down ethics from my hard working parents (hey, we are Mexicans what can I say ;-) lol) who gave us strong work ethics. I can definitely help with any tasks at hand and I am easily adaptable. While in the military, I worked on power electric generators ranging from 2kw to 150kw. (I know solar is the way to go but all I’m saying is that my experience can come in handy one way or another). Unfortunately, I am not financially strong but I most definitely can offer my labor and other management skills I’ve acquired throughout my prior 20+ working years. Perhaps, at the beginning it will be only myself going to this community as I wouldn’t want to disrupt my daughter’s last yr in high school. I hope you take me into account and give me a chance to prove to you that I can be an asset to your community.
    Thank you for your precious time and God bless.

  11. Robin

    wondered if you have had any success in starting your community. I’m in Santa Barbara area and have been seeking a community as you have described above. Would love to visit if possible and see if I would have anything to contribute. Robin

  12. Beata Pineda

    Hello! After frustration of find a piece of land and planing to build a studio made of metal shipping container to be able live off grid I did find a lots of problems with the regulations.I’m very interested in this project.Please contact with me:beata.pineda@gmail.com

  13. Marc

    Hello I have been looking for some time for the same type of community for my family. If you are still looking for families please contact me. Thanks Marc

  14. S B

    I am considering buying land in ventura county to build a small eco house, if you have advice or want to contact reach me at sbrown@student.roseman.edu it looks like the biggest obstacles are A) finding cheap land and B) getting the county to approve of the housing

  15. Travis

    Did he ever get back with any of you. Is this still happening? Would love to learn more.

  16. Drew Hayes

    I would be very interested. I am currently working on a project in the Ojai back country by Venticopa. I am a horticulturalist, Arborist, and animal behaviorist. I am a father of 2 very helpful kids. I am a yoga instructor and believe vegan is healthy but not for me. I train world class k-9’s, am a certified trial decoy and have premier k-9’s. That require a judges approval, only someone with my accomplishments is allowed to have this caliber of dogs. Very friendly to family, kids and the community but also very serious protection for the community. I have several properties in the works from Paso Robles to San diego. Very interested in sharing, trading and possibly joining.

  17. Laure

    Please excuse my typing mistakes!

  18. Laure

    Hi, this sounds interesting. I would like to find out more about your community. I currently live in the mountains in SoCal. I have been interested in self-sustaining of the grid but not radical living for a long time. I am a single Mom with 2 kids still at home, I’m 53 and very healthy. I hav 26 years (to date) experience in relaxed eclectic homeschooling, am a seamsttress, love to cook and bake and mother crowds of people! Please contact me with more information.

  19. cpbrous

    Hello, my name is Chris. I’m looking to volunteer my time to learn more sustainable practices firsthand. I’m 30, hard working, and very eager to find a good community to help out. I’m already off-grid in the sense that I’ve been traveling in a camper van, and I’m looking to park it for a while and work. I hope to help!

  20. Gavin

    I think you have a good starting mindset but I would say, be sure to research the location as much as possible since it’s so primary. Earthquake fault lines and so on

  21. Kyrie

    I would love to get more details on your community! I’m a single mom, raising my son and want him to learn good work ethic and get a good, well rounded, life experience based education. I work hard and have a number of skills that would be useful in this type of community. Please contact me; thank you!

  22. Beth

    Hello. I have a daughter and I’m very interested! Please contact me. Thank you.

  23. Tracy

    Hi OBGuy, I’m a 44 yr old single mom of 9 yr old daughter. I know I need to honor my awareness and prepare for the worst. I had a home cleaning business since 1991. I’m a writer. Cook. Can do yard work, or anything really. I would like to meet and see if this is where I am supposed to be. Sincerely, Tracy

  24. Kristin

    Have any of you been contacted? My family is looking to live off the grid, but not out west..too many laws and regulations for me. However I do have family land(near 200 acres) in Alabama…Also I would like people with Children to feel welcome, as I have a 5 year old. Anyways if you want to truly live off the land and have something/skill to offer, contact me @alacowgirl03@aol.com

  25. susu

    Our family is interested in learning more…please email stayinpayd@gmail.com

  26. TDK

    I have a similar mindset, and would like to hear more details. I live in north LA, and I was looking into buying land up in the area you were mentioning for a similar purpose. I am also very realistic, not “extreme”. I realized that doing this kind of thing 100% on your own is not at all ideal. It’s much better to have more people to share the workload. I have a wide variety of skills and abilities. Tech, welding, electrical, construction, mechanical, weapons, tactics, agriculture, farming, first-aid, etc.

  27. Alee

    We live in so. SLO county& have been looking for an off grid property. Your idea sounds better. We could share skills through work & practice. We agree with your philosophy, so I’d like more info about your vision. I studied nursing BSN-MSU, switched my focus to natural health about 20 yrs ago. Hubby is mechanical engineer. I hope we could contribute to community of like-minded people. look forward to discussing your ideas and vision….regards, alee.

  28. Monica

    If this is a serious and truthful statement, then my family and I are beyond interested. We are loving, honest, fun people trying to change the world one day and one positive idea at a time. We are surrounded by uninterested people out here in Missouri, but we are trying. We have been searching for like-minded people with like-minded goals for the future. We can definitely contribute and become a positive expansion of your family. For example, I am in the dental field and I can contribute by cleaning teeth and teaching children good oral hygiene. I am also a dance teacher :) Please e-mail me at mls234@msn.com and I would love to talk about this opportunity and even if this chance to join your eco village has passed, I would still love to discuss world changing ideas together.

    **~It’s a New Age and it’s about time we all start caring for one another. I welcome you to the path of Love. “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” -We are all One Consciousness~**

  29. cpbrous

    Hey Openbookguy, I’m actually heading that way from Chicago in the next couple weeks. I was planning on looking for land or other communities in central or southern California. I’d be interested in meeting up when I get out there to see about getting some things going. I’m 30 yrs old, single, and educated if that matters. I’m open minded, have experience in communal living, respectful, and I love learning by doing. Email me @ cpbrous@gmail.com Hopefully we can meet up when I make it out there.

  30. AK

    Hi Openbookguy. I am keenly interested in your So Cal off-grid opportunity. I live in northwest Ventura County and have been a native to the land for nearly 50 years. I’m a professional engineer having worked over 25 years for large defense aerospace company. I’m an armed forces veteran; a father; with 35 years mountaineering, backpacking, fishing and camping experience. I’ve lived on a horse ranch for many years. Incidentally, I’m also a sober-minded skeptic towards all the popular and hysterical media hype that drives our culture to distraction.

    “We are NOT looking for radical militant, extreme religious, polyamoris or raw vegan’s types that believe they can feed everyone that might show up at the gate.”
    — *GOOD* because neither am I!

    Please take a moment to connect and we can chat. Thank you!

  31. John

    “We are NOT looking for radical militant, extreme religious, polyamoris or raw vegan’s types that believe they can feed everyone that might show up at the gate. We ARE seeking good family oriented people..” Wow, quite a statement! Bad experience?!
    No thanks! I’d rather take my chances outside your locked gates/mind!

  32. KW

    Hello Openbookguy!

    I would like to hear more about this. I’m very interested in moving into a kind of community that you are describing, especially on the west coast. I’m a young, openminded, hardworking individual and as well as a fast learner. I have worked many summers landscaping before, during, and after college and have experience with small scale gardening. I’m passionate for learning about health, wellness, and sustainable living and have become interested in joining a community of people with similar interests.

    I would appreciate it if you could email me with any more information. kylewoodruff8945@gmail.com


  33. Michael

    This concept sounds very interesting. My family and I would be interested in knowing more about the proposed whereabouts of this community. We would be willing to contribute and attend planning meetings if possible. Please contact me with more information in regards to how close you are to establishing a homestead.

    Thank you

  34. Luke

    I would love to hear more about this. I am 25 years old. I grew up on a 40 acre farm in Illinois raising chickens, goats, and rabbits. I have been hunting and shooting guns since I was six. This lifestyle you are talking about is exactly what I am looking for my life. I work hard and am very family oriented. I was homeschooled til Jr. year of HS. If you could give me some more info I would really appreciate the opportunity to be apart of something I strongly believe in!

  35. Briana


    I am interested in more background information about the founder and how this community is paid for. What contributions are expected of the members? Is this to be a permanent dwelling for members?

    I am a married female with 1 y/o daughter. We have been considering going off the grid, but not in a community setting as of yet. This is something I could consider, if this investment is a sound one. We live in Wisconsin and would like to stay here ideally.

  36. K

    Hi There!
    What you have in mind is something that my husband and I have been discussing and fantasizing for years. We are a young couple around 30 with a toddler. We have plethora of skills, knowledge and experience to bring to the table. Please contact me and we can discuss things, thanks, looking forward to it.


  37. Tony

    hi there…i am looking to change my life and join a community ecovillage preferably on the west coast…i am very hard working and can definitely contribute to the community…please contact me asap… tony50444@yahoo.com

  38. Ryan Brink

    Openbookguy! I am a steady minded realistic individual, and a very hard worker. I place high value on respecting the paths of others and have been working in communitie settings for most of my life. Self sustainability as well as raising environmental awareness are passions of mine. My fiancé and I have been studying in the areas of natural health and wellness as well as community action for many years now and wish to become an integral part of a sustainable community. Currently she is attending yoga teacher certification and I have been making money to get us out to the coast seeing as one of my other main passions in life is surfing!