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Vonnie Mallon used to be Visual Director at Urban Outfitters. Now she lives in an Earthship in New Mexico. “They knew how to take more than you can give,” says Vonnie of her old employer.
But Vonnie was not forced out – she left while her career trajectory was still on the up. She had realized that if she wanted her marriage to work then she had to be home more, and that the money and stuff she got from working was worse than useless if she did not have a happy relationship.

So she and Pat moved to Taos, New Mexico. Live is tough. One of their neighbors had a home invasion not so long ago. Now they are all armed. The landscape is empty and harsh. But the Earthship they bought, pre built, is warm and efficient.

New freinds are joining their community, and the vegetable garden is doing suprisingly well given the conditions. They recently bought a greenhouse.

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