Friends, the system has you!

In a world of increasingly unaccountable government and excesive taxation, the focus on the enlightened individual is to remove themselves from its influence.

Our community, based on the pillars of self-government and self-sustainability is intent on remove ourselves from the corrosive influence of corruption for in our country, and around the world today.

If you are someone who is interested in starting something completely new, and connecting with nature, this might be what you are looking for!

We are currently accepting newcomer to our up-and-coming community. The community itself is still in the early stages (yet to establish a residence) so you will be able to claim your spot at the foundational level.

Our community has a few tenants we abide by: harmony, hard-work, and dedication.

We are interested in bring both men and women off-grid and are open to having animals live with us as well. All individuals are expected to contribute to the community in some way.

Thank you for reading and we invite you to reply to our listing! (email:

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12 Responses to “Escape The System”

  1. Aantazy

    My name is Aantazy and I am very very interested in what you are doing!!! I will email you!

  2. SUNshine Girl

    I am the Swiss Canadian looking for an off grid community.

    I can relocate and I am currently in Canada.

    My background is farming. I study a lot of natural healing. I have been living off grid in my vehicle.

    Are you still accepting members?

  3. Cheyenne

    Hi Joshua Dean Tyler & Sean Lucas Beaver…I am looking for an off-grid partner (not necessarily life partner, but more of a friend). That doesn’t mean either will happen, but it never hurts to respond and see who is out there, to sync up with another serious person who puts in 100% and makes it a reality. The other person must carry their own weight, as I don’t want to be responsible (as a woman) to take care of any man’s needs (food etc). No drugs, drinking, etc. Please respond to chat further if you’d like….

    • BIllie

      Hi am very keen to get off grid, me and my 7year old puppa. I am a hard worker and love to keep busy and get into nature. I really want to live out in nature and get out of the system I am a female 30 years old. I’m currently in Tasmania but am keen to relocate. I’m a bit stuck on a plan but I know I want to get out of this system and back to nature. I know I said that already but yea :) hope to meet some people to point me in the right direction <3

      • Michel

        Hey Blllie , I’m just curious if you have made/executed a plan yet.
        I’m in a similar situation myself and would like to hear experiences/ideas from other people.

  4. Joshua Dean Tyler

    I’m very interested, I know the basics of farming (my grandma and grandpa had one). I can build just about anything. I’m in great shape and very intelligent. I’m completely into hollistic medicine. I’m sure I can accommodate any job you need done and I’ll do it a smile 😁

  5. k&s offgrid

    hello i was reading over your offer and would love to get in touch and see if we may be a fit i have a very well rounded skill set in all aspects of construction maintenance repairs and farming pleases contact me so we can further discus this opportunity thank you
    my email

  6. Sean Lucas Beaver

    Hi I am interested and would like more information such as a rough detail of the climate. I am from the southern inland of the u.s and have been involved in seasonal growing with some locations here but I’m ready to put down roots in an actual off grid community. I have experience in agriculture though not so much experience with large animals and plenty of experience in extended off grid living. I recently settled down in a city with a lease on a nice place but it is suffocating and the lack of a garden isn’t doing the lifestyle any favors. 21 y/o male with equipment very willing to do and enjoy some physical labor or ag work.

  7. Edward50

    I am interested. Where are you located?

    • European Canadian

      We are located in Western Canada.

      • Edward

        I am located in Alberta. I have most of my kit and some knowledge. I am interested in living off grid. Building a home and sustained life. I come with possibly a girlfriend, and 1-3 guard dogs.