I won’t elaborate too much, here at least.

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I’m a 26 years old male, living in Poland. Looking for someone to collaborate with me, and go off-grid. To be honest, I’m posting this out of pure “necessity”. I was ready (or rather I thought that at the time ) to go off-grid, but my country is even more dystopian than I  initially thought.


– Little Bit of Technicalities –


A person is not allowed to build anything in Poland, on a parcel, if it’s not:


1. Stipulated in zoning laws ( government decides about ALL parcels, not just “city zoning” ), i.e it has to be stipulated that you CAN build something, if it’s not on the list – you can’t. The zoning is decided by the government, and it can’t just be changed on a whim. So, if they decided 30 years ago, that this parcel is so and so. It won’t change. It can be the worse type of soil, in the middle of nowhere. You can’t build anything on it, even “permitless buildings”.


2. Parcel HAS to be connected to main road. Otherwise you can’t inform the government, that you intend to build a “permitless” building on that parcel ( and you have to inform them, and attach zoning documents – *see point 1. )


So, a cabin/tiny house in the woods, or just in the “middle of nowhere” ( middle of nowhere in Europe / 2km tops from civilization ;) ) is next to impossible.

 I initially thought, that it would be possible. And I would have enough money for such endeavor, since barren land in the middle of nowhere is cheap.


Apparently, they don’t like the idea of people going independent. So the only way out, is to buy a parcel that’s anywhere near civilization ( like an outskirt of a village, village – that consists from one house LOL ). But such parcels cost more, since there is more demand from ordinary people for such parcels. And I don’t have enough funds to pull it off alone, and have enough savings left after expenses to feel comfortable.

 Hence, this inquiry.


– Why do I want to go off grid? –


Vast majority of society is severally mentally ill, and generally, not too bright. Not to mention – cowardly.

They are pitted against each other, brainwashed, (self)deluded, living in comfortable illusions, poisoned by pollution which further destroys their brains and so on.

 Parasitic overclass ( AKA governments ) know their weaknesses, and exploit psychological mechanisms, basic instincts, and subconscious vulnerabilities of the public. Working their subjects, and molding them into pliable consistency throughout their lives.

Only the (very)smart, or lucky, or both get trough it without getting their brains turned into mush, and almost never unscathed.

I must be some weird mutation, since the longer I live, the more I find that people like me are very, very few. I pursue truth in all things wherever I can, don’t compromise myself for anything or anybody unless completely necessary. I don’t BS myself.

 It’s hard ( if not impossible ) to accurately describe oneself in just few paragraphs, so, let this suffice for now. If someone will want a collaboration, we surely will talk more about such stuff.


– General –


As is, I’m paying rent for my flat. This is economically unreasonable in the long run. And I’ll be damned if I will slave away and pay taxes the vipers in the government for 30 years, to buy a “normal house”, or worse – take a loan, and be a total slave chump.


Land in Poland is relatively cheap ( especially if I would collaborate with some human who has a western level of budget ). And tiny house can be built “permitlessly”, and for cheap.

 I have approx 60% things worked out. Battery banks, building techniques, solar arrays, plumbing and wiring and so on. Surely, all logistics could be figured out. In other words – It can be done.


I initially planned to live alone, but a well adjusted neighbor wouldn’t be a bad thing I guess.

I’m an open minded, kind, helpful person. And I’m talkative, if I want to. So I don’t reckon there would be a problem with socializing and stuff. I wouldn’t interfere in someones life and affairs, unless they’re hurting someone/are unethical. So neighboring me wouldn’t be a bother, I think.

 Of course, If one prefers more of solitude generally , I wouldn’t mind.


Anyway, that’s all I can think of as of this moment. If you’re interested – hit me up.


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2 Responses to “Escape Society”

  1. Jair

    I agree, most people are idiots, ignorant, stupid and cowards.

    They’d rather have their children killed than fight lie their ancestors did.

    these people should be avoided as they are sick lie the rotten societies they live in.

    All Europe is the same.

    Still few people are aware and fighting and these are the people you must find.

  2. Vic

    But if you can’t live in a remote location in Poland because of the scum government you have (which is the same everywhere in Europe), why not moving elsewhere?

    Countries that are not under the yoke of the Davos scum are few but one is very close to you: Belarus…

    Very cheap too, although might not be as safe as Poland?

    The solution is to buy land, very remote, fenced, surrounded by trees, shrubs so no peaking in and build whatever you want in there.

    Fuck the globalist and their whores in government.

    That’s what i would do if I had the money and knowledge to build a self sufficient home.

    Get some weapons too and a lot of ammos.

    Just in case and if they come for you, sell your live very dearly!

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