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I am looking for help and resources to get off the grid, and help others to do so as well.  I’m intelligent, communicate effectively, think creatively, love children and nature.  I’m a very hard worker and I learn very quickly.  I study consciousness and perception for fun and make my living through a variety of creative and labor based pursuits.  My dream is to develop or become part of an existing ecovillage.  I highly value equality and freedom and believe that every life path has it’s own inherent worth.

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2 Responses to “Escape from the grid”

  1. Treva Green

    I am looking to get 8 acres in Missouri and could use someone who is motivated to help out to develop this property into a substainable ecovillage. I know how to build it just can’t do the work anymore due to my age and disabilities. If interested in something like this setup let me know contact at

  2. Olliep

    10 of 80 acres to yourself in an off-grid community to build your own off-grid dream home.
    Goal: Complete Autonomic Living Off the Land.
    Prior Military and their families are starting an off-grid community. Land is not for sale. It will be rented to families to build as they please. Each family will receive 10 acres for their own use to build and manage their own self-reliant estate. Area has well-water access, 15” rain, and 300 days of sun per year. 5000ft elevated, 30% forested, gently rolling hills. Structures will have to be built to New Mexico building code but includes alternative structures. Animals, agriculture, and off-grid power/water approved. Detailed plans free upon request.
    $300 per 10 Acres

    For more information Contact: Page at