[before_listing id=465 images= youtube=null] We are still looking for a few couples without children to help build a community here in WV. We are totally off grid and produce our own power and use wood for heat but still have to haul water in by truck.

We have been working on the property for two years now and have been living here for six months now and I have to tell you that it is a lot of work for one person full time (my wife works full time) We have all of the skills to make this work but not enough hands.

We do blacksmithing,welding,canning, soap and charcoal making,a huge garden, make beer,wine,hunt, bucher,make jerky,and our own cheeses. We have horses but are looking into getting cattle, chickens and rabbits, I am 53 the wife is 43 and really want to make this work for others as well it is a great life so far and with some help I think it could be even better. I have the green house built now heated by a rocket stove (all glass not plastic) seems to work well but we really have not had that bad of a winter so far. I was a marine science educator for 4H in Florida for seven years schooled at Harbor branch Oceanographic inst. and plan on using the greenhouse for aquiculture to grow trout or freshwater prawns. The 16x24community kitchen will have a giant wood fired oven to bake, roast and make pizzas in.

We are thinking micro housing cabins made from pallets that we get for free to build with so the cash outlay for somebody to build will not be very much. I already have some designs in mind and some really great locations on the property. As we have met with some people interested when they see the amount of work become disenchanted because we do not have something already built for them to move into? I guess.

We do not want slackers or drunks to join drinking socially is ok. We are not into any cult crap or religion we beleave in God and live and let live. We are offering to teach and learn from others and offer free use of our land in exchange for some couples that have a good work ethics and want to become self sufficent.
This is not some sort of scam or bogus posting it is for real. Thanks for your interest..ALROD53 email us @ endlessenigmafrm@aol.com[landbuddy_listing id=465 youtube=null]

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22 Responses to “Endless Enigma Farm”

  1. Faith

    I’m just a single woman, I”m going through a divorce, in my 40’s. I know you’re looking for a couple but, I”m all alone and need help. Want to build a 200 sq ft. house and live OTG. I’m looking for land in West Virginia. Faith 252-200-1804

  2. Faith

    I need a little parcel of land to build a Tiny House . Please help! Faith 252-200-1804

  3. dale

    going for another try, dale here and i’m interested in making a move, would like more info and maybe a video, off grid now but want more as to people and animals and I know it takes more than one person, I will be a good person to have around and can bring a lot to the table, looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. dale

    I’m not net sabbie, this is another try, I can bring a lot to the table, I do have an off grid cabin now that I built out of pallets and it’s nice and I also built a small camper that slides in and out of my trailer out of pallets and that even nicer, i’m looking to move for one “help” it’s really hard to go it alone, i’m retired and have a steady income, love to work with my hands, just about built every kind of thing out there and can fix just about anything, looking forward to hearing from you.

  5. Dale

    looking forward hearing from you

  6. Dale

    Hello, I would like to know where you are or about in WV, I have an off grid camp in Cacapon, WV. just don’t want to do it alone anymore, I’m single and you asked for couples, will you let me know either way, I have a lot of skills.

  7. Colleen

    19. Female. Willing to work “full-time” if you teach me all you know! I need to know the “cash outlay” to gage how much/ if I need to save up more. Start collecting a “micro housing cabin.” – I’m ready.

  8. John

    Sounds very interesting . I am in NH with work until November . I am in construction . Just took WFA course @ SOLO . Looking for opportunity to get off the grid . jn4earth@hotmail any others want to talk more .

  9. bryan

    I am 27 and my dream would be to be able to do something like this on my own property at some point. But I would like to learn how to manage a whole farm like this. I have little experience except in some gardening. I don’t have a spouse but would love to help in any way I could. If you would like to have me come out for a visit, let me know. I would love to. Email: bryanandrewduffy@gmail.com

  10. Athyriel

    I am interested. I might also be able to get my man interested too. I’ve been looking to go off grid for awhile now. I do not know much about it, still researching. But I am VERY eager to learn. You say you are not religious people, but you believe in God. Would that be an issue? Because I personally am a Pagan witch. I surely hope that wouldn’t be a problem. And I’d be more than glad to help out. I have a couple a free hands, and I need to survive don’t I? lol

  11. Jessi

    I dont know if this a dream or what. It’s so unbelievable to be called crazy for wanting to be self reliant and live OTG by friends and family. but it’s so great to see many like minded people.my boyfriend and I (both in ours 20’s) are looking to live the way you guys do and this seems to good to be true, I dont mind hard work, heck i actually love it. I dont know if i can bring new things to the table, but i am willing to work my butt off and do what i can to help. I just started learning to make cheese and beer. but make homemade bread daily and love to garden. i have little knowledge on how to build structures, but love to learn. I have also been looking up aquaponics and other ways to live eco friendly. I absolutely hate living in town and miss living on a farm. I even dont mind living in a tent or under the stars either till i can get something built :] you can message me at todd.jessiatgmaildotcom.

    • Alrod53

      Jessi, did you ever find a place to live off grid? just going over some old replys on my post. thanks, Alrod53

  12. mike,wife 2 girls 5-6

    hello hows ur adventure going hope its the life u are looking to lead what u described would be a haven and an in the prosses of selling my place in new jersey to do exactilly what u discride i have been called the jack of all trades i can do anything in housing,electrical,plumbing and much much more i my family would be a grate ascete to u and everyone thanks for reading my bad hand wrighting and let me know if i would be a help thanks http://www.lwhmoore@hotmail.com

  13. Andrew548

    My wife and I are looking to go OTG. I am a former army ranger and over the years have grown to hate our government and there political agendas. I believe it’s time to cut ties and help build a community. The skills I can provide are as follows :
    Hunting , trapping, tracking, fishing, force protection (from both wild life and others in the community) I can also teach long rang shooting, archery, and self defense. I know how to farm (my father was a farmer and house builder) and can build anything from log cabins —- to metal structures.
    My wife is a great teacher for small children and knows how to can,cook, and farm as well. We are in this for life. So if your looking for a hard working couple we would be your top pick.

  14. jon whitaker

    I would love to join you! im in morgantown WV and could hitch to you. im 20 and gonna be homeless in the next cople days. i was planning on going off grid but do want to do it alone. i love everything your about and i can and will contribute to your society. please get back to me. i have sent many messeges to people doing the same i love this live and want to be apart of it. if i have to ill set up a shelter close and build my own housing of some sort. my number is 817-770-2909 and my email is e.f.u.m@mail.com

  15. Anastascia

    I have a question… alrod53 do you have a website or blog related to your journey into this lifestyle? I am very new to this, doing alot of research/surfing. My first priority is water, next learning/praticing dehydrating (seems to be a very wise choice), after that learning to use a fire-arm. I know there is a wealth of information and sooo much to be done. I like your idea very much, would like to see/read more about how you live. Tx, Ana

  16. Jessica

    PS… I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. email: jesslrogers@hotmail.com

  17. Jessica

    I am have been living in between Rutland, OH and Charleston, WV. I am interested in becoming self-sufficient and I am a very hard worker and a pretty quick learner. I have many different skills and I am eager to learn more. I am trying to be a part of a society that doesn’t appeal to me right now and am trying to find direction to a more meaningful life. I do love my family and my whole family lives in WVa so it would be nice not to be too far away from them. It sounds like you all know what you are doing. I could help you while you teach me! I would love to meet and talk with you and your wife to see if we could benefit one another. Thank you and best wishes.

  18. Valentin

    Hey ! Sounds great, you guys seem like you know your stuff. I’ve made jerky once took a while but wasn’t to bad. I’m very eager to learn. I live in the Big Apple. With that said I’m interested but I have one question are you guys excepting only couples ? If not shoot me an email and well take it from there, My Email is ValentinMos@aol.com .

  19. Alrod53

    Hey Ron, Where are you guy’s? Deland
    We moved here from New Smyrna Beach 2 years ago. Sold our dredging/excavating business there. Florida is to fricking hot, and hate noseeums, played that game for 25 years there, The way I see it I can always put more cloths on to stay warm, but I can only take so many off to cool down. legally..Ha

  20. Ron hristian

    I have an off the grid dream too! I bought an Island in Central Florida to retire on. Since that time we have only got one other family to join us. Kids are great, they have 3. How do you encourge people to join?


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