[before_listing id=465 images= youtube=null] We are still looking for a few couples without children to help build a community here in WV. We are totally off grid and produce our own power and use wood for heat but still have to haul water in by truck.

We have been working on the property for two years now and have been living here for six months now and I have to tell you that it is a lot of work for one person full time (my wife works full time) We have all of the skills to make this work but not enough hands.

We do blacksmithing,welding,canning, soap and charcoal making,a huge garden, make beer,wine,hunt, bucher,make jerky,and our own cheeses. We have horses but are looking into getting cattle, chickens and rabbits, I am 53 the wife is 43 and really want to make this work for others as well it is a great life so far and with some help I think it could be even better. I have the green house built now heated by a rocket stove (all glass not plastic) seems to work well but we really have not had that bad of a winter so far. I was a marine science educator for 4H in Florida for seven years schooled at Harbor branch Oceanographic inst. and plan on using the greenhouse for aquiculture to grow trout or freshwater prawns. The 16x24community kitchen will have a giant wood fired oven to bake, roast and make pizzas in.

We are thinking micro housing cabins made from pallets that we get for free to build with so the cash outlay for somebody to build will not be very much. I already have some designs in mind and some really great locations on the property. As we have met with some people interested when they see the amount of work become disenchanted because we do not have something already built for them to move into? I guess.

We do not want slackers or drunks to join drinking socially is ok. We are not into any cult crap or religion we beleave in God and live and let live. We are offering to teach and learn from others and offer free use of our land in exchange for some couples that have a good work ethics and want to become self sufficent.
This is not some sort of scam or bogus posting it is for real. Thanks for your interest..ALROD53 email us @ endlessenigmafrm@aol.com[landbuddy_listing id=465 youtube=null]

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