We have left our cruising sailor life, but we could not quite leave the boat behind – we moved it up on the mountain with us. Living on an old coffee farm and trying to figure out how to do it sustainably. We are off grid and glad to share our experiences and learn how to get along even better. So far, we have house, power, water, and limited crop production – next steps are increasing crops, raising ducks and maybe fish, and possibly developing some tourism-related business or specialty agricultural products for co-operative income with our neighbors.

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6 Responses to “El Barco”

  1. CadeJ

    Hey Dan, I sent email. We are really limited in how we can partner with folks here in the D.R. – property rights laws are terrible. You could invest a year of time and effort and have NO rights, or squat for a month and practically kick US out. It all depends on politics. So we are really only suitable as a couch-surfing destination at this point if you wanted to check out the surroundings. There is some inexpensive land around (under $4000 per acre).

  2. Daniel Kenyon

    If your looking for any help at all im young(ish) willing and able have a lot of experience living outdoors (2 years in a tent in south france) wanting to get off the grid back to nature carry on growing my veggies etc.
    Feel free to email me dan.kenyon.86@gmail.com

  3. nevets

    Hi I’m from Madrid looking for people to help me in learning this lifestyle please email me stevesjobmail@yahoo.Com with any ideas tired of living in city out of touch from nature .

  4. chance

    Our you looking for others to join you… If so email me…..

  5. CadeJ

    Hello Bryan, sure I will email you. We are just working each day – you know. One project at a time. After a while the cumulative effect becomes noticable!

  6. bryan

    I saw your post on land buddy. noticed there are no comments. was wondering how you all are doing? how is it ddeveloping. feel free yo email me if you would like, it would be greatly welcomed. sincerely Bryan