[before_listing id=439 images= youtube=null] I’m gordo- my homested is eddy soli. a couple of years ago i recognized that the local habbit for humanity restore had enough stuff to build a house. this had been on my list of things todo for 20 years. originally i was en-route to southern alaska to build and off the grid homested. well my car broke down in jackson wyoming and thats where i pursued other endevors. after selling my restraunt 6 years ago the first plan was to get some land and get on with crossing things off the list.

un-fortunatley i wasn’t able to take my time and build the first phase as strawbale or other alternative styles winter was on its way. so the house is stick framed, everything is reclained except for the rough plumbing,rough electrical. and some 2×6. as well i still have enough roofing for 3000 more sq ft. even the solar is recycled. my pv pannels and tracker are from approx 1984, my thermal system is from about 1988.

the plan is to add three green houses on east,south and west as i aquire more matterials.

i have built about 1000 sq ft of garden beds, pond, and converted the 14 ft camper that i lived in while build to hen house.

next spring ill be adding some more fencing for sheep, build a earth burm/cob duck house, plant aspearagus and berrys.

the overall goal is to start a non profit. where i team up with local youth groups, and youth probation dept, community service to help on the farm. then in the work share side is shares will be sold as pairs. the share buyer will receive one share and the other will be donated to local charitys / food banks.

hopefully i will also have slow food workshops. that will have demonstrations on canning, preserving, butchery, and solar retro-fit type stuff.

i’m currently in the process of a couple of inventions as well. if they work they’ll sure change your world. how about refridgeration that uses less power then a smoke detector?

i’m also listed on wwoofer. hopefully ill get some current pics up there.

gordo[landbuddy_listing id=439 youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “” Eddy Soli” (the recirculating current of the sun)”

  1. Kim

    Hi there. I’d be interested in coming there and helping with any labor in exchange for food and lodging. I am very motivated and serious. Just have to pick the right opportunity. Thanks, Kimber

  2. Betty

    My husband, son(18) and his fiance(18) are wanting to go off grid June 2015. Could you give me some more information so I know if this is one of the options. I don’t know much about living in a otg community.

  3. Michelle

    I am looking for some place to go off the grid I am blessed with a variety of skills. I live in Utah and your homestead is close.

  4. Gunn4r

    Heyo! I own a few acres in Victor and have a lot of extended family living there right now as well. I am looking to build an off grid home up there on my land, would love to pick your brain!

  5. Debbie5412

    Are you still on this site? Can you send me an email? I would like to help!

  6. David

    Gordo I love the story, how many of them are there where people break down in Jackson hole and never leave, I drove through here 7 yr’s ago at 3 in the morning, I didn’t know where I was but I knew I was there. I would like to get in touch with you about looking at your set up for a piece I am writing on off grid living and permatculture.

  7. happyearthhomes

    Hello ,
    My wife and I are currently in Idaho near blackfoot and were interested in visiting you and helping out I am an electrician and mason with experiance in solar installation and wiring . Saw you on the wwoof site but i am not a member so i had to contact you on here

  8. Vallee

    Hello this sounds wonderful. I am young but I wish to live in an off grid community. I’m seeing so many of my friends graduating college and not having jobs. My dream it to have a small house and focus on the important things in life. I’m so curious how you are making this project. Are you using cob for the houses? How big will the houses be? Do you have any pictures of the land? How did you obtain the land? This stiff just thrills me and I wish to learn so much about it and would love to get up and move but I feel it’s hard to find out “where to go”.
    Thank you for your time!

    and Good Luck!

  9. Valentin

    Sounds great! Wish you the best of luck ! We have something like that here in New York City. They transform neglected lots into small farms and w.e they grow they give to the community and w.e eggs the chicken lay go to the community as well. They are a non-profit and partner up with a-lot of schools and also do ESL programs. Very great idea, the City needs something like that. =}
    They are called Bushwick City Farms, if you wanna look them up =] Cheers!