I have been seeing this all over the internet, at least in the circles where I virtually travel. It’s called an Ecocapsule, and capsule is what it is, this is a self contained off grid, tiny, little, cute(?), spot to live for a while, it’s not meant for full time living, though I suspect some might be able to do it. It’s really designed to be your vacation pod, a place where you can have most of the comforts of home without having to be hooked up to the grid. It’s portable, it’s small, did I mention it’s small? I love sharing tiny homes, but this really goes beyond that.


It has a very European look (to me), with its rounded corners, well there actually aren’t any corners to speak of, it looks like an egg. It does have everything you would need, a bed, a table, shower & toilet, and a small kitchen area, there is a little storage, very little. It is solar & wind powered and collects rain water.






There are apparently going to be different finishes inside, from warm wood, to a granite look, I’m sure you could custom order other finishes.




I have seen a variety of responses to this, from it’s cute, to no way I could do that… what do you think? Gimmick or will it work?

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3 Responses to “Ecocapsule?”

  1. auburngirl

    if you think about it…..and figure out a way…..this would make perfect dormatories……or transitionary housing for children to get on their own …have one in the side yard and let them figure things out but still be able to reach out for help but not be in the “nest”

  2. littleant

    Love it! The jackboots in the U.S. will probably keep it out though.

  3. mikey smith

    I would totally use this…throw it on a piece of wooded land in maybe washington, alaska or wyoming or something….be awesome!


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