[before_listing id=477 images= youtube=null] The dream is to build an Earthship, plant a forest garden and live a simple life with my husband and 2 cats in beautiful Scotland!
We don’t have to means to begin making our dream a reality but would love to connect with the like minded and those who are already living the dream![landbuddy_listing id=477 youtube=null]

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2 Responses to “Earthship and forest garden near Dundee”

  1. James Harvey Lockwood

    I am on a similar quest! Claire can you add me to a list. I’m from Aberdeen.and looking to purchase some land in the northeast within the next 2 years. ideally a a smallholding. this would be a permaculture project also. id love to hear from you (or anyone else)!

  2. Claire

    Hi, I have a similar vision, and am networking with several others who would like to pursue forming an intentional community in Scotland. I believe these visionary projects are only possible when we come together to pool resources, skills and ideas.Please email me back if you’re interested in meeting up somewhere central in the Spring?
    Best wishes, Claire