We are a couple in our early 50’s looking for someone either already off grid needing help or someone to help us prepare to go off grid. Been talking about it for several years and want to push things along. We are healthy and capable just looking for a friendly person to be part of the family. Willing to travel anywhere in the states for the right fit.

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8 Responses to “early 50’s couple looking for male to go off grid with”

  1. John Diamond

    My wife and I have been off grid for 2+ years now, on our own land just outside of Farmville VA. We are established, but not quite where we want to be yet. Getting closer all the time! We are starting to recognize the limitations of the lone wolf approach, but not yet clear on how to remedy that. Would love to talk and see what we might have in common.

  2. joe and melinda

    1 hour outside of vegas on california nevada border

  3. Dunewalker

    Retired single male, been off-grid here in NE Calif for almost 2 decades, could use some land partners/companions. Lots of room, water, privacy, not far from good small town.

  4. Leon and Debbie

    Did you find somewhere? We have retired to our homestead. We always have lived this way, but know seldom leave except for supplies. We have milk goats, chickens, fatten a hog or two from time to time. Tend a garden. We do have grid power, but have both lived without. My husband now needs the a/c on very hot humid days. Our homestead is in the woods in Northeast Georgia. We wish to share what we have, what we know and some of the workload.

  5. Carl Gibson

    I’m interested in working with you. I am a retired veteran. And I live off the grid most of the time. Tell me more about yourself, and maybe we can get something going.

  6. Michael76

    41,male,very serious about going off grid.Been travelling around but found no place to call home yet .would love to have more details.email is strawhat76@yahoo.com

  7. sunsetman

    please email me too, single male very fit dickydoeballs@ymail.com I am very serious

  8. Mike Sidon

    If you’re serious e-mail me.